Dawn of Man Review
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the primitive world. Start your journey at the origins of civilization and develop up to the Iron Age along with Dawn of Man. In our review, you will know more about the game and its gameplay. Dawn of Man is a unique game about the development of civilization. And...
Party Animals Review
Party Animals is a fun and addicting physics-based party game. It is ideal for a company, as up to eight people can play it at the same time! This game will definitely become a hit for those who want to have fun with friends, cooperating and competing with each other. At the moment, the game...
Summer in Mara Review
Summer in Mara is a novelty from Chibig that will drag you in the first minutes of the game. To begin with, this is a fun simulator with farming and crafting elements. In addition, you can fish, mine ore, collect resources for crafting, plant trees and take care of your own island. But this is...
Isle Of Spirits Gameplay Video Review
Last week we shared with you a review about Isle of Spirits. A casual surviving game. Here you need to craft specific items to survive and get out of the island. That won’t be very easy. As you have to gather all the materials fast. Your main enemy is the darkness. You must have a...
Isle Of Spirits Review
Isle Of Spirits is a new indie casual survival game that was released yesterday in Steam. Which, by the way, you can buy now on Steam with a 15% discount, the deal ends June 17th. In our review, we will tell you our impressions of the game. Survive on the island So the main point...
Death and Taxes Review
Meet our Death and Taxes Review. Everything you need to know about gameplay, controls, graphics, main features, etc. in our gaming reviews. Gameplay – Death and Taxes Review Death and Taxes is a narrative-based game in which the development of the plot depends entirely on the decisions the player makes. You have a hard office...
Kingdom: New Lands Review
Kingdom: New Lands is a simple and exciting, but not easy strategy game. A player will play for a king or a queen of the declining lands. The main goal is to rebuild and protect the Kingdom together with people. Moreover, you will help other camps after you are done with yours. Learn further in...
Sparklite Review
Sparklite Review is a new post about all features of Sparklite indie game. Check out the rating on Expert Game Reviews and share it with your friends! If you want to get it on Steam follow the link. Also, you can visit Sparklite official website to learn more information about the game. Sparklite Review –...
Swag and Sorcery Review
Swag and Sorcery is a Tycoon game with elements of Streamlined RPG. The developer of the game is Uroboros Games and producer is Lazy Bear Games of Punch Club and Graveyard Keeper fame. Further we present you Swag and Sorcery Review to see all ratings of the game. Swag and Sorcery Review – Gameplay Together with...
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