Children of Morta

Children of Morta Paws and Claws DLC
Children of Morta has presented its new DLC. It is called Paws and Claws and all money that they raise will go their partner Humane Society International to protect animals around the world. We will tell you more about this partnership and Children of Morta Paws and Claws DLC itself further. Children of Morta Charity...
Children of Morta Adds New Playable Character, Apan, Designed by Two of the Game’s Kickstarter Backers
The Bergsons’ House free update invites a new sister-in-arms — a mighty medic and firm defender rolled in one — into the family Warsaw, Poland – June 24, 2020 — Children of Morta is an action-RPG all about the bonds of the courageous Bergson family, but that doesn’t mean the Bergsons’ home is a place where fellow adventurers...
Children of Morta Setting Sun Inn Free Update
Children of Morta had announced a new free update! It is called Setting Sun Inn and it brings along a lot of interesting things. If you are not familiar with the game you can read more about it in our Children of Morta review. Bergson family has a lot to share with the players. Such...
Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games 2019
A lot of great games came out for Nintendo Switch last year and it was hard to choose only 10 for Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games 2019. But here is our complete list. Agree or disagree tell us in comments! Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order All Marvel fans will love it for sure,...
Children Of Morta Review
Meet our new review about Children Of Morta. A great action RPG that will make all rogue-like fans spend great time playing it. Children Of Morta Gameplay Children Of Morta is a game with a unique mixture of action-RPG with rogue-like styles. Moreover, it has an absolutely exciting storyline. You will be honored a chance...
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