Dark Fantasy

Code Vein Review
Thanks to lockdown, I had free time to go through games for which I hadn’t enough time before. And yesterday I finally passed CODE VEIN fromBANDAI NAMCO. The game turned out to be an excellent representative of the Souls-like game, and for me, it was even able to surpass in some aspects the Dark Souls...
Arboria Review
Arboria a mysterious world of dark fantasy. Today in our Arboria review you will learn everything about its gameplay and features. Early access release date is planned on 7th May, you can add it to wishlist on Steam. We had a unique opportunity to try the game before release, and we are eager to share...
Stoneshard Review
Meet our Stoneshard Review. Everything you need to know about gameplay, controls, graphics, main features, etc. in our gaming reviews. You can, also, check the game on Steam. Trollslayer update features are here. Gameplay – Stoneshard Review Stoneshard is a wonderful combination of turn-based roguelike and open-world RPG. Moreover, the game is quite complicated and...
Legend of Keepers Review
Meet our new review about an upcoming game Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Master. As it is stated in the announcement Prologue Demo releases on October 10th! So follow the news on Steam to try out the demo of Legend of Keepers. We had a chance to play a demo of this game...