I Dracula: Genesis

I, Dracula: Genesis is Available Now in Steam Early Access
Challenging twin-stick roguelike I, Dracula: Genesis shoots its way into Steam Early Access, try the demo now. After 5 years of development independent developers, Moregames are excited to share the news that their ‘retro-fueled’ game, I, Dracula: Genesis, is available now in Steam Early Access. A demo is available on popular indie gaming website GameJolt. I, Dracula: Genesis Review...
I, Dracula: Genesis Gameplay Video
Meet our new gameplay video about the upcoming I,Dracula: Genesis game. You can already read about I, Dracula review and share your thoughts about it. And now let’s talk a bit more about the game and its features. I, Dracula: Genesis is a pixel art, rogue-like, isometric, new retro Sci-Fi, twin-stick shooter. You will appear...
I, Dracula: Genesis Review
Today, a lot of cult games get a second life at the expense due to remakes and remasters. And I think the fans of Roguelike Action games will be pleased with the news that iDracula is waiting for a new part. For those who don’t know, back in 2009 a great game iDracula: Undead Awakening...
Tough-as-hell roguelike I, Dracula: Genesis is ripping its way into Early Access on the 22nd May
Independent developers Moregames are excited to share the news that their upcoming ‘retro-fueled’ game, I, Dracula: Genesis, will be tearing its way into Steam Early Access on the 22nd of May. I, Dracula: Genesis is a hard-as-nails roguelike that isn’t for the fainthearted! Offering five generically modified ‘heroes’ to wreak havoc with, four procedurally generated world to slash your way through...
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