Rune Knights Review
Rune Knights is an action RPG with lots of loot and online Co-op. Despite the fact that the game is still in Early Access, the game looks very good and has a lot of content (from 5 to 30 hours of play time, depending on how many characters you want to level up). Players will...
Party Animals Review
Party Animals is a fun and addicting physics-based party game. It is ideal for a company, as up to eight people can play it at the same time! This game will definitely become a hit for those who want to have fun with friends, cooperating and competing with each other. At the moment, the game...
Eternal Return: Black Survival Review
Now it will not be difficult to find a game in the style of Battle Royale, but despite their number, they are not much that are different from each other. But the developers from Nimble Neuron were able to come up with a new, unusual combination of three genres at once – Battle Royale, MOBA...
Conan Exiles Features Review
Conan Exiles is a great online multiplayer survival game. In the last expansion, they added mounts to the game. As well as mounted fight. Today we will tell you more about its gameplay in our Conan Exiles Features Review. Conan Exiles take place in Conan the Barbarian universe. You will have to show your surviving...
Code Vein Review
Thanks to lockdown, I had free time to go through games for which I hadn’t enough time before. And yesterday I finally passed CODE VEIN fromBANDAI NAMCO. The game turned out to be an excellent representative of the Souls-like game, and for me, it was even able to surpass in some aspects the Dark Souls...
Old World Review
Last week Old World released in early access. We have written several posts about the main preview features. And today we will share with you our thoughts about the game in our Old World Review. First of all, when you first start the game you can instantly feel the atmosphere of the game. Everything makes...
Northgard Review
Last week Northgard was free for all Steam users, so I’ve spent some good time playing this wonderful RTS. All my thoughts about the game you can read on in Northgard Review. First of all, Northgard is not a newly released game. It is two years old now but it is developing. There are a...
Valnir Rok Review
However, Valnir Rok is a sandbox survival with massive online multiplayer and RPG elements. It was created by Encurio GmbH in Cologne in Germany, inspired by Norse mythology. We have left one free key of the game. You can download the game here or on Steam and request a key from us. The first one...
Legends of Runeterra Review
Legends of Runeterra is a card game in the universe of the well-know game called League of Legends. For the time being the game is available on PC (in Beta). But it will release on mobile phones and tablets really soon (Android and iOS). Further in our Legends of Runeterra review, you will learn about...
Rise of Legions Review
Meet Rise of Legions review. You will read about all the main features of the game. Find out about gameplay, controls and other advantages and disadvantages of the game further. Gameplay – Rise of Legions Review Rise of Legions is a unique combination of Realtime Strategy (RTS), Tower Defense and card game in popular genre...
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