My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock Free Demo is now Live!
As a part of the Nextfest event on Steam My Time at Sandrock has presented its first free Demo that you can download and play right now! Read on to learn more details. Pathea Games has announced Sandrock Story Demo is live on Steam now and will be active during the dates: June 16, 2021 till...
Farming in My Time at Sandrock
We are excited and thrilled about the future release of My Time at Sandrock. The game is in closed testing right now, but there is going to be a playable demo on Steam Soon where players will be able to play some farming features. Read on to learn more. Even though we don’t know when...
My Time at Sandrock Unveiled
It’s been a while since we shared any news about Pathea game called My Time at Portia. This craftsmanship simulator has a lot of fans and that’s why they decided to expand the game. Here we will tell you the first pre-announcement details about My Time at Sandrock. First of all, it’s not the official...
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