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Dawn of Man Review
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the primitive world. Start your journey at the origins of civilization and develop up to the Iron Age along with Dawn of Man. In our review, you will know more about the game and its gameplay. Dawn of Man is a unique game about the development of civilization. And...
Genshin Impact Review
Genshin Impact is a promising free-to-play RPG from miHoYo that was announced last year. Many immediately noticed its resemblance to the famous Nintendo game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Most recently, on September 28, it was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Android and iOS. So what is it like? Read in...
Drake Hollow Review
What is Drake Hollow? The developers from The Molasses Flood were able to combine several top genres at once in one game – Survival, Sandbox and Colony Sim. And this is with an online co-op! By yourself or together with a friend, you can rebuild your personal settlement, taking care of its inhabitants – both...
Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition Review
Although Horizon Zero Dawn was released over three years ago on the PlayStation 4, it has been recently ported to the PC. Therefore, after spending several tens of hours in it (and going through the entire plot part), I would like to share my impressions about this sensational game at the time. Restoring Life in...
Conan Exiles Features Review
Conan Exiles is a great online multiplayer survival game. In the last expansion, they added mounts to the game. As well as mounted fight. Today we will tell you more about its gameplay in our Conan Exiles Features Review. Conan Exiles take place in Conan the Barbarian universe. You will have to show your surviving...
Zoria Age of Shattering First Impression
Zoria: Age of Shattering is an upcoming fantasy RPG with turn-based combat system developed by Tiny Trinket Games. Stunning World of Zoria Get ready to embark on an exciting journey through the bewitching world of the game! You will see beautiful locations of forests, deserts and castles, as well as gloomy and dangerous catacombs and...
Torchlight Frontiers Review
We managed to get early access to the new Torchlight game of the series. So mee Torchlight Frontiers Review to know about all the new features. Gameplay: Torchlight Frontiers Review Torchlight Frontiers is a sequel of successful Torchlight series. For the time being, as this Torchlight Frontiers Review published, the game is on Alpha stage....
Shakedown Hawaii Review
Shakedown Hawaii is an action-adventure indie game created and published by Vblank Entertainment, inc. It is available for Nintendo Switch and coming soon to Steam, so anyone will be able to create their one business legacy in the world of Skakedown Hawaii really soon. Moreover, you need to know that Shakedown: Hawaii is the sequel...
Monster Sanctuary Review
Monster Sanctuary is an indie game which is available in early access on Steam now. It is developed by Moi Rai Games a newly created team that works on this very project. As for the publisher it is a well known Team17 Digital Ltd, which also published My time at Portia, which we often write...
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