Patch Notes

Path of Exile 3.12.3 Patch Notes
There’s been a lot of improvements to Path of Exile and all of them you were waiting for. We share information from here and you can read all the 3.12.3 patch notes Heist below. Heist Improvements Enabled questlines that lead towards The Twins and the Nashta, The Usurper Heist boss encounters. Significantly increased the likelihood...
Stoneshard Way Forward Details
Below we share the text of the announcement from Stoneshard official Steampage. Read to learn more about the additions made to Stoneshard in the patch called Way Forward. MAJOR ADDITIONS– Complete rework of the dungeon generator.Bastions, Catacombs, and Crypts now have a new generation algorithm and numerous new room templates. – Basic AI was completely reworked...
PoE 3.12.1 Heist Improvements and Changes
After a few days as Heist League is active GGG discovers the main issues to improve performance. We share PoE 3.12.1 patch notes from here. 3.12.1 Patch Notes: Heist Improvements Players no longer block other players in The Rogue Harbour. Reward Chests in Unique Contracts no longer become locked when Lockdown occurs. Reduced the damage...
Valorant Update Patch Notes 1.06
Recently we all were glad to meet Valorant Act II and new agent Killjoy. And this time we are excited to see that bugs have been fixed as well. We share with you Valorant Patch Notes 1.06 published on Valorant official blog. Agent Updates The audio and visuals for blinding effects (Phoenix Curveball and Breach...
Overwatch Latest Patch Notes – Major Champions Changes
While Overwatch Summer games are at their peak we have other great news from Blizzard! They have made a lot of changes to the following champions: Brigitte, Orisa, Pharah, Roadhog, Sigma, Symmetra, and Zenyatta. As you can see it’s quite an impressive list. All the balancing was made based on the knowledge gained in Overwatch...
Valorant Patch Notes 1.04 – Viper Upgrade and more
If you have already played Valorant you may have noticed that Viper is a very situative and agent. But that was until now. Meet the description of the latest Valorant Patch Notes and learn more about Agent changes, bug fixes and other gameplay changes. We share the information from the official Valorant website. Valorant Agent...
Overwatch Experimental Patch Notes –  Genji and Moira Changes
Some time ago we have introduced you Overwatch Experimental. You can read details about it in our previous Overwatch news. This time we will tell you more about the recent patch, which caused some major changes to two champions. Some balancing has been implied to Genji but the biggest changes caused Moira. We reminding you...
Teamfight Tactics Patch Notes (10.14)
We are here with the latest news about Teamfight Tactics patch 10.14. Here you will see the full detailed list of patch notes that we have taken from Riot Games official website. As a little spotlight for you. The major changes that hit TFT in patch 10.14 are related to balancing the game. Thus Start...
Hades – The Blood Price Update – Patch Notes Revealed
Hades is one of the new action RPGs, which is currently in early access. But the game is developing quickly. Recently Hades has announced the latest Patch Notes and the Reveal of The Blood Price Update, here you will read about the main additions to the game. But first, you can check some over articles...
Diablo 3 Patch 2.6.9. Changes
New Diablo 3 Patch 2.6.9. is active now! Her ewe will tell you the main changes that hit the game. You will read about Necromancer skills changes together with Demon Hunter. Learn about item changes and the theme about Diablo 3 season 21 that start 3rd July. Demon Hunter changes in Patch 2.6.9. The main...
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