Wildfire Review
Have you ever thought about a platformer game with stealth mechanics and magic? Developers from Sneaky Bastards embodied these ideas in their game called Wildfire. Exciting and dangerous adventures await you because an entire army preys on you! Burn them to ashes! It turns out to be a witch is not so easy. As soon...
Killer Chambers Review
So today we will tell you about Killer Chambers game. This one will blow your mind and make you crash your table as a Hulk. Just kidding…or not? Killer Chambers Gameplay Killer Chambers is hardcore action, with the main purpose of staining alive. Tons of levels with traps and challenge will force you to die...
Celeste Review
If you have been looking for a good platformer indie game then Celeste review is just for you. Here we will tell you about main great particularities of the game as well as about awesome features that make it unique. Celeste is a classical 2D action platformer game, which is way harder than it seems...
Battleblock Theater Review
Battleblock theater review What a lovely evening I had yesterday! What can be better than spending a relaxing evening playing a casual game? Nothing! Especially, after a hard day. So, I decided to return to Battleblock theater. Last time I played it I quit cause didn’t manage to get an A on one of the...
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