Sword of the Necromancer Review
Sword of the Necromancer is a unique dungeon-crawler RPG. However, the player should be careful – every death of the protagonist carries serious penalties because this game also has fraudulent elements. If you are familiar with classic 2D Zelda games or new Rogue-like games (such as Enter the Gungeon), then you will find something similar...
Against The Moon Review
A lot of interesting and unique card games have already been released. However, the developers at Code Heretic can still surprise you. Their new game, Against The Moon, is a turn-based strategy with a focus on deckbuilding and unit levelling. In addition, the player will have a fascinating sci-fi adventure against dangerous beasts called Furos,...
I, Dracula: Genesis Review
Today, a lot of cult games get a second life at the expense due to remakes and remasters. And I think the fans of Roguelike Action games will be pleased with the news that iDracula is waiting for a new part. For those who don’t know, back in 2009 a great game iDracula: Undead Awakening...
Gordian Quest Review
We present a magnificent card game in our new Gordian Quest Review. Gameplay – Gordian Quest Review Gordian Quest is an interesting and unique combination of several game genres at once – an adventure RPG with card battles. At first glance, it is very difficult to say that this game is made by indie game...
Stoneshard Review
Meet our Stoneshard Review. Everything you need to know about gameplay, controls, graphics, main features, etc. in our gaming reviews. You can, also, check the game on Steam. Trollslayer update features are here. Gameplay – Stoneshard Review Stoneshard is a wonderful combination of turn-based roguelike and open-world RPG. Moreover, the game is quite complicated and...
Hades – Game Review
In the name of Hades! Olympus, I accept this message! Gameplay – Hades Hades is a first-class hack&slash roguelike with RPG elements made by our all loved Supergiant Games. You play as Zagreus, immortal son of Hades, whose only desire is to escape from Underworld. But his father thinks another way – “There is no...
Sparklite Review
Sparklite Review is a new post about all features of Sparklite indie game. Check out the rating on Expert Game Reviews and share it with your friends! If you want to get it on Steam follow the link. Also, you can visit Sparklite official website to learn more information about the game. Sparklite Review –...
One Step From Eden Review
Meet our new post One Step From Eden Review. Here you will learn all in-game features and discover ratings to decide to play it or not. Gameplay: One Step From Eden Recently I came across Demo of One Step From Eden. This is one of the successfully kickstarted games, which managed to collect $70,000 (467%...
Dredgers Review
Here is our new indie game review. This time it is Dredgers review. Meet all the detailed explanations of the ratings below. Gameplay – Dredgers Review Dredgers is a pixel 2D rogue-like dungeon crawler game. Firstly, the main game feature is an ability to combine classes. From the very beginning of the game you will...
Children Of Morta Review
Meet our new review about Children Of Morta. A great action RPG that will make all rogue-like fans spend great time playing it. Children Of Morta Gameplay Children Of Morta is a game with a unique mixture of action-RPG with rogue-like styles. Moreover, it has an absolutely exciting storyline. You will be honored a chance...
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