Is It Worth Buying Runescape Gold?
If the game has an in-game store, then there is always a currency for which you can purchase various items, skins, boosts, and so on. In MMOs such as Runescape, this is usually gold. Of course, the game offers many options for farming Runescape Gold, but players still appear who are ready to buy currency...
What is Old School RuneScape?
RuneScape or RuneScape 3 is an old fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed and published by Jagex, first released in January 2001. Last year in September 2020 is was released again on Steam with open-world and a bit better graphics. But when you hear about Old School RuneScape it is not actually a game...
Top Games Like Black Desert Online
If you are a fan of BDO or MMO games in general you may find it interesting to know the names of games like Black Desert Online. We have gathered the list of them with official descriptions that will help you find the game you may find as interesting as Black Desert. Also, we wanted...
New Quest in RuneScape – Elder God Wars: City of Senntisten
The very first cross-platform quest for both desktop and mobile players has already arrived at RuneScape. You will find a new part of the┬áCity of Senntisten in the current story arc Elder God Wars in RuneScape now. Read on to learn more details. What’s new in RuneScape Elder God Wars the City of Senntisten? You...
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