Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition Review
Although Horizon Zero Dawn was released over three years ago on the PlayStation 4, it has been recently ported to the PC. Therefore, after spending several tens of hours in it (and going through the entire plot part), I would like to share my impressions about this sensational game at the time. Restoring Life in...
The Hive Review
In our new The Hive review you will read about the main features, gameplay and other important information about the game. You can check its Steam Page to get some extra details. Gameplay – The Hive review The Hive is a single player RTS game with RPG elements, in which the player will control an...
Star Wars: Battlefront trial
STAR WARS: Battlefront trial As usual, Origin gives me opportunities to play games for free. Today I had a strong desire to play STAR WARS: Battlefront trial. Each trail in Origin has got its own playable time, sadly, but this one had only 4 free hours. Anyway, still I have formed my own view on...
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