Stoneshard Way Forward Details
Below we share the text of the announcement from Stoneshard official Steampage. Read to learn more about the additions made to Stoneshard in the patch called Way Forward. MAJOR ADDITIONS– Complete rework of the dungeon generator.Bastions, Catacombs, and Crypts now have a new generation algorithm and numerous new room templates. – Basic AI was completely reworked...
Stoneshard Bolt Thrower Update
Here you will read Stoneshard “Bolt Thrower” patch notes. We post them as they appeared on Stoneshard Steam page. The “Bolt Thrower” content update has been released! The complete list of changes can be seen below: Main Additions New playable character: Velmir. A hardened revenger hailing from distant Skadia, he begins the game with Affinities...
Stoneshard Trollslayer – Troll killing tips
In the new Trollslayer update in the main storyline, a new quest for killing the troll has appeared. Many had difficulties with how to deal with him, so we decided to give some advice in this small guide. So meet some Troll killing tips further. For those who do not know, after completing three contracts...
Stoneshard Trollslayer review
A couple of days ago a new add-on called Trollslayer was released for Stoneshard. And today I’d like to share with you the most interesting things I noticed in this Trollslayer review. The last time I played when Patch came out and a lot have changed since then. The game has become much more...
Trollslayer – Stoneshard Update
The new Stoneshard Update is live now! We have already written a review about Stoneshard, which you can read via the link. We find the game really promising and are excited about the new features. The update has its special name – Trollslayer. And today we will tell you about the main additions in Stoneshard...
Stoneshard Review
Meet our Stoneshard Review. Everything you need to know about gameplay, controls, graphics, main features, etc. in our gaming reviews. You can, also, check the game on Steam. Trollslayer update features are here. Gameplay – Stoneshard Review Stoneshard is a wonderful combination of turn-based roguelike and open-world RPG. Moreover, the game is quite complicated and...
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