Summer in Mara

Summer in Mara Review
Summer in Mara is a novelty from Chibig that will drag you in the first minutes of the game. To begin with, this is a fun simulator with farming and crafting elements. In addition, you can fish, mine ore, collect resources for crafting, plant trees and take care of your own island. But this is...
Hit the Sea June 16th as Summer in Mara Launches on Nintendo Switch and Steam!
Players can try the farm sim meets story-based adventure by downloading the free prologue now on the Steam store Valencia, Spain – May 29th, 2020 – Set sail and get ready to adventure the sunny archipelago of Summer in Mara on June 16th for Nintendo Switch and Steam. Excited explorers can dip their toes in to test the...
Summer in Mara Upcoming Release
One of the most exciting games I am waiting for is Summer in Mara upcoming release. The game promises to be a great one. And if you like farming adventure games as I do you’ll enjoy the waiting as well. So Summer in Mara is a singleplayer adventure game with a lot of surviving features....
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