Torchlight 2

Is there a game like Diablo 2?
The release of Diablo 2 Resurrected is soon and far at the same time. If you are fond of Diablo series and is waiting for Diablo 2 eagerly, you can check the list of games below in order to find a game like Diablo 2 to spare waiting. We wanted to make a list of...
Torchlight 2 Best Mods to Play With
For Torchlight 1 & 2, mods are an integral part of the gameplay. They add new content to the game (classes, pets, new locations), improve various aspects of the game (such as graphics) and change the balance. Since the changes radically affect the gameplay, you will have separate saves and personas for playing with and...
Torchlight 2 Best Builds: Complete Guide
It is not very hard to make your own build in Torchlight 2. We have already written about Torchlight 2 Classes and today we will tell you more tips on how to make your Torchlight 2 build and share the best Torchlight 2 builds as well. Torchlight 2 Best Builds Torchlight 2 Skill Trees Each...
Torchlight 2 Classes guide
Torchlight 2 is a pretty old game, but still, there are a lot of fans who loves the game. I have been playing all Torchlight parts since the first one, so this post is a bit nostalgic. In any case, I am doing it for my friends who asked for this Torchlight 2 Classes guide....
Torchlight 2 Review
Torchlight II Brief review Nostalgia. This word can easily describe my feelings today. That’s the main reason why we wrote this article about Torchlight 2. As for Torchlight 2 is 6 years old now. But it doesn’t matter, cause if a game is good it remains the same forever. Classes in Torchlight 2 So you...
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