Torchlight 3

Is there a game like Diablo 2?
The release of Diablo 2 Resurrected is soon and far at the same time. If you are fond of Diablo series and is waiting for Diablo 2 eagerly, you can check the list of games below in order to find a game like Diablo 2 to spare waiting. We wanted to make a list of...
Torchlight 3 Review
Many will remember Torchlight Frontiers – a promising project that was planned as an MMO aRPG on console and PC, but as a result, the game suffered a different fate. In January 2020, rebranding to Torchlight III was announced, the game lost many online aspects (including the f2p model) and the developers tried to return...
Torchlight Frontiers Classes
Some time ago we wrote a review about Torchlight Frontiers and promised to write a separate post (guide) about Torchlight Frontiers Classes. Currently, there are 3 classes – Dusk Mage, Forged and Railmaster. Each of them has its unique mechanics and skills, which influence its fighting style and gameplay. Dusk Mage Let’s start from the...
Torchlight Frontiers Review
We managed to get early access to the new Torchlight game of the series. So mee Torchlight Frontiers Review to know about all the new features. Gameplay: Torchlight Frontiers Review Torchlight Frontiers is a sequel of successful Torchlight series. For the time being, as this Torchlight Frontiers Review published, the game is on Alpha stage....
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