Tangledeep Pandora’s Box Guide

If you are a frequent player of Tangledeep you may have already seen such item as Tangledeep Pandora’s Box. Or sometimes people call it Pandora Chest. Anyway, if you are not familiar with the game then we recommend you check our Tangedeep review here. There you will read about all game particularities and other staff you should know when choosing a game to play.

What is Tangledeep Pandora’s Box?

After you clear the third floor, every next level you will get an object, which is Pandora’s Box. Currently there is also the only hidden place called Magma Chamber, where you can obtain Pandora’s Box.

Tangedeep Pandora Box

You can open these boxes freely. The loot that you can randomly get from that vary. Tangledeep Pandora’s Box can contain:

  • Experience points (great amount as usual)
  • Gold
  • Legendary items (plenty of them, you can check the list here)
  • Job Points (you can see them at the top-left corner of the in-game menu).
    Also called JP can be obtained other ways except opening Pandora’ Boxes. For instance, you can obtain them by completing quests (rumors), killing monsters or clearing hidden locations.
    You can spend them on getting new abilities from Jorito (Job related) or on getting access to job trials. In addition you can use JP to increase probability of magical enchantments on items when entering item dreams. As well as for asking Percy to heal you
  • Also sometimes other items can appear in Pandora’s box as loot

But the most interesting part except the possibility to get some great loot is effects that it puts on your game.

How the box effects your game

First of all, you need to remember that for everything free you need to pay. As everything depends on luck and random here you must know what are you risking.

TIP: Don’t open any of the boxes until you’ve cleared up to the highest boss fight you can surely deal with, then go back downstairs and open every single one before you bank everything for your next character. So you’ll get better chances to move further next time.

So the effects that Tangledeep Pandora’s Box have influence your current floor as well as every other floor you will clear.

Effects on Current Floor:

  • Maximum wandering monster count increased by two
  • Monsters deal +15% damage (Applies to newly-spawned monsters)
  • Mobs take 1% less damage (Applies to newly-spawned monsters)
  • Monsters have 31% more HP (Applies to newly-spawned monsters)

Cumulative Effects on all Floors:

  • ALL Monsters deal +1.3% more damage per box opened. Value uncapped.
  • ALL Monsters take 1% less damage per box opened. This value caps at 15%
  • Extra 0.75% loot find. This value caps at 50%.
  • Extra 1% gold find. Value uncapped.

So this means that if you open boxes every floor you get all these effects will sum. So be careful with them and use the tip we wrote. 😉 Moreover, every new character starts with 0 amount of open boxes. The maxim number of them depends on the game difficulty modifier and varies from 24 to 72 Pandora’ boxes for a game per one character.

In conclusion, yo decide weather to play with them or not as you can even turn them off in settings. But we recommend to take maximum from the game! Have fun!

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