Teamfight Tactics Patch Notes (10.14)

We are here with the latest news about Teamfight Tactics patch 10.14. Here you will see the full detailed list of patch notes that we have taken from Riot Games official website.

As a little spotlight for you. The major changes that hit TFT in patch 10.14 are related to balancing the game. Thus Start Guardian trait is nerfed. But, on the other hand, the champions from the Start Guardian trait set are buffed. Also, you will see that Neeko’s Help now provides players gold as well. And in addition, Urgot has a slight rework. All list of the balanced champions you can see in Teamfight Tactics Highlights below.

Teamfight Tactics Highlights

And the detailed information about the patch 10.14 in TFT you can see below as well.



Champion Balance


  • Giant Slayer now does (premitigation) damage that matches its damage type (physical or magic).
  • Ionic Spark Magic Resist shred: 50% ⇒ 40%


  • Ekko’s slow is now displayed as a percentage instead of a decimal on his Tooltip.
  • Champions pulled in by Thresh’s Temporal Passage can no longer be used to star-up other units
  • Vayne’s bonus damage attacks during Final Hour can now properly proc Blademaster
  • Lulu Polymorphed units will no longer hop around while Stunned
  • Fixed an issue where Shaco could occasionally not receive Dark Star stacks if Stealthed when an ally would die
  • Aurelion Sol can no longer cast while being reeled in by Urgot

Mobile Corner

Buy XP and Shop buttons now animate when you zoom in and out!

We hope you find this information useful. Meanwhile we are working on sharing with you the best current TFT builds.

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