Teamfigt Tactics Season 2021 Mid-Set Updates and Plans for the Future

The new season 2021 fit League of Legends and that means that Mid-Set of Fates in TFT is starting soon as well. Here you will learn more details about the future of Teamfight Tactics, discover what new champions will be added and what to expect in Fates part two.

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First of all, season 2021 in TFT means that not only part two of Fates is coming up but also two brand new sets are waiting for us. Along with that, we can expect new ways to play with new gameplay changes.

Fates Mid-Set Details

Fates Mid-Set starts in the next patch of League of Legends, which is Thursday, Jan 21, 2021. Two champions are back to the roaster: Swain and Aurelion Sol. With their magnificent skins:

Dragon Master Swain
Dragon Master Swain
Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol

The previous set in TFT we’ve experienced many changes during a mid-set a lot of champions rotated and some traits as well. Fates II is going to change and even more content though. First of all, developers want to make players think of the new combos and so they change carries and the balance of powers changes as well. But the most exciting thing is the upcoming Ornn’s ability to forge upgrading items.

If you are a ranked player you will get mid-set placement rewards for getting into the gold. And when Fates II starts your rank will reset and you will see your rank is slightly lower then it’s been.

Also, you will see two new arenas: Club 2 and Lunar City. These two arenas are made to celebrate the Lunar New Year and bring a festive mood.

Club 2 Arena
Lunar City Arena

And of course, you will meet new Lunar Year themed little legends. You can have a slight view of them in the video at the end of the post. Or in our post here.

Next TFT set

The next set in TFT is going to start in Spring 2021 and will bring us to the most dramatic theme of Teamfight Tactics ever. Corruption is nigh and the balance between Good and Evil has tiled. So we fight to restore the balance. You can except such champion to appear next as:

  • Garen (God-King skin)
  • Darius (God-King skin)
  • Morgana (Coven skin)
  • Viego
  • Teemo (Little Devil skin)
  • Riven (Dawnbringer skin)

As we know some of these skin themes come together with other champions and maybe they will appear in the next TFT set as well. But more details we will know later.

The set after the spring one is going to start in the Autumn.

New TFT Mode

There are not so many details about it, but we know that it is something we all have been waiting for a long time. The new TFT mode is going to be quicker, even turbo and you will have the opportunity to play it when you are short on time.

If you want to know more details about Teamfight Tactics 2021 you can watch the video above. We haven’t covered the information about eSports so it is worth watching.

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