Teamfigth Tactics Items Guide (set 3 patch 10.8)

Every champion in Teamfight Tactics can have items. You can equip each of them maximum with 3 items. There two types of items. Some of them are full items others are item parts. For example, B.F.Sword is a part that you can combine with any other item part to get different full items. In our Teamfigth Tactics Items Guide, you can see a table with all the item combinations below. Please, note that these items are active in set 3 patch 10.8. So further they can change, we will update the information then.

Teamfight Tactics items list

There are over 40 items in Teamfight Tactics include Neeko’s Help, which is a consumable item. That means that you cannot collect it. The only way to get Neeko’s Help is to get it from a drop. Usually, it drops from mobs in PvE rounds.

TFT item types – Items Guide

There are several types of items in TFT. Some of them can grant your champion one more trait. Those are:

Blade of the Ruined King – Becomes a Blademaster
Celestial Orb – Becomes a Celestial
Dark Star’s Heart – Becomes a Dark Star
Demolitionist’s Charge – Becomes a Demolitionist
Infiltrator’s Talons – Becomes an Infiltrator
Protector’s Chestguard – Becomes a Protector
Rebel Medal – Becomes a Rebel
Star Guardian’s Charm – Becomes a Star Guardian

Also, there are items that give special abilities that cannot stack.

TFT items guide – Stacking

Note that this rule can occur when you try to get items that give Rebel trait on the champion who has a Rebel trait on default the item will automatically unequip. So items that don’t stack from Tactics Items Guide are:

Jewelled Gauntlet – Wearer’s Special Ability can critically strike
Last Whisper – Critical hits reduce the target’s armour for a few seconds
Morellonomicon – Special Ability applies a burn for a few seconds. The debuff is identical to the one from Red Buff and the damage does not stack
Quicksilver – Immune to crowd controls for the first few seconds of combat
Red Buff – Basic attacks apply a burn for a few seconds. The debuff is identical to the one from Morellonomicon and the damage does not stack.
Thief’s Gloves – At the beginning of each round, the wearer gains two random items that are removed at the end of the round
Zephyr – Banishes an enemy for a few seconds

As for other items they can stack and give your champions multiple bonuses. For example, 2 Locket of the Iron Solari will grant twice as much shield, but some item stack multiplicatively, such as Dragon’s Claw.

We hope you find our TFT items guide useful and share it with your friends. Besides, we recommend you reading TFT wiki. There you’ll find the full descriptions of all items. We, meanwhile, will continue to write champion trait guides for you and include there recommended item sets.

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