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It would seem that only yesterday I played my first game in Teamfight Tactics. But no, it has been a whole year since then, and now TFT is celebrating its first anniversary. The first thing you notice for yourself is availability TFT Anniversary Missions in League of Legends launcher or in TFT Mobile. Let’s have a little talk about it now.

TFT’s First Anniversary! Mission Details

  • OBJECTIVE: Play a match of TFT.
  • REWARD: Pengu-versary Emote Pengu-versary emote.

So TFT Anniversary objective is pretty simple. All you need to do is enter and play a match in Teamfight Tactics. Reminding you that it is the third season in TFT and the theme of it is Galaxies.

By the way, there have been some particular changes in TFT in the latest patch 10.14. The changes related to traits especially Star Guardian trait and some champions. You’d really like to check the patch notes out if Urgot is one of your favourite TFT champions. You can read the latest patch 10.14 notes in the post below.

TFT’s First Anniversary! Mission will not last for too long, so harry up to get you reward: Pengu-versary emote. It looks very festive and you shouldn’t miss a chance to get it. Reminding you that you can use emotes in any mode in League of legends weather you playing TFT, ARAM or in a Summoners’ Rift.

The mission is available from now July 10th. See you guys. By the way, if you are new to Teamfight Tactics you can learn more about the game in our How to Play TeamFight Tactics: Complete Guide. Let’s play TFT together!

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