The Best and Fastest Way to Level up in Overwatch

Overwatch is one of the most popular Arcade shooters right now in the world. Blizzard entertainment does its best to present game of the highest quality that is why Overwatch was welcomed so well. And while we are all waiting for the Overwatch 2 release date, you can still learn some tricks to play Overwatch better. Today we will tell you the fastest way to level up in Overwatch. By the way, it can be useful even for the upcoming sequel.

There are several important things why you would like to level up faster. First of all, you will be ranked higher and wait for less for the new match. Second of all, there is plenty of loot boxes waiting for you along the way. And lat but not least, everyone will see an upgraded icon around your player’s avatar in the match lobby.

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But what are the fastest ways to level up in Overwatch? Of course, one may think that the best and easiest way is to simply play the game. Generally, you are right but there are some simple tips and tricks that will help you make this process a bit faster and more interesting.

Play in a group with your friends

Even though the EXP that you get solo counts for levelling as good, you should think of inviting some of your friends to play together. Make it your evening routine or something. Because while playing in a group everyone gets a 20% EXP bonus. So you will definitely level up faster in Overwatch.

Find your winning strategy

No matter how you decide to play in a group or solo be sure to win as many times as you can. That’s not as easy as sounds, of course. But here are some tips to make it a bit easier:

  • Try to find 2 champions that suit you the most and play them until you are comfortable with them.
  • After that read some guides and advance your techniques.
  • Learn maps and tactics on each of them.
  • Play with voice chat to cooperate with other players.
  • Help players that play worse than you and learn from those who are better.
  • Even if you are playing solo, try to become a part of the team. Playing as a team increases your chances to win significantly.

These Overwatch tips for beginners will help you get better as a solo player. But if you play with friends they become even handier. As you can discuss your performance between matches and teach each other to erase your mistakes. In addition, every win in Overwatch gives you 500 extra EXP., but if you are playing in a group you will get 100 extra EXP (so 600 EXP in a sum).

Maximize your performance

If you follow the tips above you will increase your overall performance for sure. But that’s not the only thing that matters here. As our main aim is to level up faster we need to collect as much experience from the match as possible. So the next step is getting Gold Medals after the match.

You can be granted medals for several categories such as eliminations, objective kills, objective time, healing done, damage done, and death (the less you die the more chances to get gold here).

  • Any gold medal grants you 150 extra EXP.
  • Any silver medal grants you 100 extra EXP.
  • Any bronze medal grants you 50 extra EXP.

But keep in mind that you can get bonus experience points for your in-game performance in Overwatch only once per match. So the task is to get at least one Golden Medal to get maximum of 150 extra EXP.

Play matches in a row

There is another way to get extra experience points. Start a new match immediately after the previous one. That will grant you extra 200 EXP. Moreover, you get some minimal bonus for playing Overwatch longer. Which brings you one step forward to your new level.

Make you first win every day

There is a typical for all shooter games bonus in Overwatch. You will get extra 1500 EXP for the first win each day you play. Don’t underestimate it as you can significantly move towards the next level if you sum up here the other bonuses we’ve written about above.

Don’t skip mid-way matches

Sometimes players get irritated when the queue ends up in the middle of the other match. That happens when other players disconsolate from the match and system puts you there instead of the leavers. But in addition, you will also get extra 400 EXP no matter the results of the match. So it can be beneficial to help others play till the end.

Fight till the end

And, of course, remember not to leave the match no matter what happens during the game. You will get 300 EXP in the end, but it is nothing compared to what you lose. Moreover, after you leave a match there you will lose your accumulated experience together with getting a “debuff” that will decrease your experience farm by 75% (which can last for hours).

To sum up

As you can see there are a lot of ways to make you levelling faster in Overwatch. Just follow the steps and tips we have written to you and you will get as high as you wish. Good luck!

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