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Island Living Spotlight is about to tell you about major updates in The Sims 4 latest update. It is not a secret anymore that Island Living is available now on PCs but console lovers will discover it only on 16th July 2019. So what awaits you in the new game pack? Well, first of all, it holds on four big whales: sit back and relax, pitch in or help out, engage in local culture, rock the island vibes. But what does it actually mean? Let’s discover together.

Island Living spotlight main features explanation

First, let me tell you that we will write a bit more articles about The Sims 4 Island Living to highlight as many new activities as possible. In Island Living spotlight we are about to tell you only the main ones. So let’s go.

Sit back and relax


New The Sims game pack includes a new living zone a city called Sulani. It is a group of islands with new activities and possibilities. Some of them you can do only there. For instance, swimming in open waters, like ocean. Also, you can find there unique places like waterfall or a cave with treasures.

Besides, there you will also find deep waters to dive and find expensive treasures. The other interesting thing is that you can see dolphins. But not only see, you can actually play with them. Isn’t it awesome?

The-Sims-4-dolphin Island living spotlight

On the other hand, there are other new activities that you can do where ever you like. For example, you can ride on a water scooter or sunbath.

Interesting thing about sunbathing, you can do it three different ways. First of all, on a lounger a beach towel or on a inflatable mattress straight in water. However, don’t forget to use lotion or you’ll get a sunburn. Moreover, the tan you get depends not only on your sims’ natural skin color but also on clothes they sunbath in.

For instance, this girl was relaxing on a lounger in her favorite bikini, therefore you can see on her tan in an open dress. This extremely realistic tan makes it super cool, don’t you think?

Pitch in or help out – Island Living Spotlight

This one is about new careers that you can choose in Island living. Therefore, fisher, diver or lifeguard. The last one can be obtained even by teenagers. Moreover, you will also see a new possibility to earn some extra money on one-time jobs. For instance, beach cleaning, which won’t influence your active career but you will have to do it right though.

Engage in local culture and rock the island vibes

You will see that Sulani has its own atmosphere. You can cook special dishes, dance specifics dances and participate in particular events. Next to Sulani bar you will find a place where locals usually make parties. Visit them to feel the life on an Island.

Next time we will tell you everything you want to know about mermaids. In addition to other awesome things in The Sims 4 Island Living.

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