The Waylanders Review

I think it will be difficult to meet RPG fans who are not familiar with such iconic games as Dragon Age: Origins and Baldur’s Gate. The developers from Gato Studio inspired by these masterpieces created their own – The Waylanders. And although the game is still in Early Access, it looks pretty interesting.

The Waylanders gameplay

Time Traveling

You are awaited by a fascinating story, with a huge number of dialogues and characters. Visit picturesque locations and fight horrible bosses! The whole game is saturated with Celtic mythology and Medieval atmosphere. A reasonable question – how does this fit together? All thanks to the fact that the main characters will be able to travel in time through different eras, so be prepared to meet druid or werewolves in Medieval Europe. The player’s actions directly affect the course of time, so they should be considered in detail, because it depends on which end awaits you – there are several of them in the game!

The Waylanders gameplay 2

Separately, it is worth highlighting the amazing work of the actors who voiced the dialogues. And this is really important, since the player spends most of the time watching cut scenes and dialogues.


If the plot is not enough for you, then the battle system in this game will definitely impress you. According to the developers, this is a party-based RPG. All battles take place in real time, while there is the opportunity to pause at any time. This will give time for a tactical maneuver, as the player controls all members of the squad one at a time. And this is not the most exciting!

The Waylanders Boss

Your squad members can gather in one tactical formation, and behave as one unit. This will allow you to use new skills, and the entire squad will be focused on the same goal. This helps a lot in battles with several opponents, and especially against bosses.

The Waylanders Character

As for character development – at your disposal are 6 basic and 30 advanced classes, as well as 5 races and an appearance editor. This will create a unique character, not only externally, but also in gameplay. At the same time, gaining members of the squad, you can always choose which class will have and what role will be assigned to create the most balanced group of adventurers.

The game came out very promising and interesting, in a unique setting. Its only disadvantage is in flaws, which I hope will be fixed soon, as the game is still in development.

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    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • Great story and dialogues
      • Interesting combat mechanics
      • Too many bugs atm
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