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Today we will tell you about the new The Sims 4 stuff pack. Also, if you read our Tiny Living review you will see some blueprint houses to download from the gallery. All new three levels of tiny houses were built by Mariia R. especially for you.

Gameplay – Tiny Living Review

New gameplay it Tine living is mainly related to the building process. Now you can build tiny houses. Why we could do it and before? Yes, you could, but now tiny houses have specific perks! When you are in a building menu click on the object information and change your location to a tiny house. There you will see 3 tiers of such building. The smaller your house the more perks it gets.

Tiers of Tiny Living houses

So the first tier of Tiny Living house must consist of 32 tiles. It means it makes it hard to make a two-floors house for the fist level tiny house. This lot is called Micro Home and if you want to live in such a house with a couple you’ll need to play some Tetris in your house, you know what I mean.

Micro house tiny living

I’ve spent an hour building micro-home, put it into the gallery to realize that I put the bed in the wrong position and now two sims cannot sleep there. Had to change some things o make it work and sent it to the public gallery again. So below you can see how it looks like inside.

Tiny Living Review The Sims 4 micro house

Everything works fine and I’ve built it without any cheat codes! So it is possible to succeed in Micro House Challange fairly! You can download it from the public gallery. My username is EGR_Blog so don’t hesitate to add me as a friend! The name of this lot is the “Tiny house for two (2)”.

EGR_Blog Tiny home

As for the second tier. This one is called Tiny home and you will have 64 squares to make it count. It is pretty simple to make it as after building a Micro home you’ll see a lot of opportunities. As I have built every tier house, you can download Tiny home by EGR_Blog from the Gallery as well. The lot’s name is “Tiny home for freelancer”.

This one I was creating for a freelance writer guy. IIn my game hi is single, but this place is suitable for two! Also, there is a great backyard with swimming pool and place for barbeque.

Small home Tiny Living Review the Sims 4

And the third tier house is called a small home. This time I managed to build a two floors house! Mainly, because you will have 100 tiles to work with. This one has two small separate bedrooms and fits even for a small family. Even though I built it for a single mom.

I love this one! A perfect home for tiny living. If you want to download this one, check out my library EGR_Blog and the name of this lot is “Tiny home for single mom”.

Tiny Living Home Perks

The main reason you would like to live in one of such houses is because of their perks. The smaller your home the more perks it gets. So the most number of perks has a Micro home location. Further, in Tiny Living Review, we will write a list of all possible perks and then describe which lots get its specific.

So the list of all perks:

  • Feelin’ Fine All The Time – The following buffs last twice long: happy, inspired, and focused
  • Lighten The Load – You get lower bills and your life gets cheaper
  • Let’s All Get Along – All relationships you make gain closer twice faster
  • Let It Grow – Plants on this lot grow twice faster
  • You Got The Touch – All skills are levelling up twice faster than usual
  • Cozy Comforts – All your stuff is twice more comfortable than generally

So, have you decided what perks your sims need? All of them? Not a problem build or download a Micro home and you’ll get all the perks.

As for the Tiny home. There you will see only the following ones: Feelin’ Fine All The Time, Lighten The Load, You Got The Touch and Cozy Comforts. Still pretty useful especially for sims who love learning new things.

Photos in Micro Homes The Sims 4

And finally, the biggest one Small home lot gets only two perks: Feelin’ Fine All The Time and Lighten The Load. It will come to a good cause for sims who love saving!

Also, please, note that these perks come as EXTRA to the Tiny Living house. It means that those 3 perks from before you can still pick and they will all work together.

Graphics and Controls – Tiny Living Review

And now I’d like to talk about some disadvantages. I was very upset to see that many new objects don’t work properly. For example, a new bed, that can hide in the wall. I realize that Maxis wanted to make it fun and spontaneous. That’s why sometimes you will wake up from being closed into the mechanisms of the bed. Fun and interesting, yes. But not every night! I guess they had some issues and wrote a very high chance of this event, hope to see it got fixed soon.

Default Tiny Living home

And to advantages again. New furniture, clothes and other interior stuff are awesome! They look clean and cozy, you would really love to use them even on another lot. Although, sometimes due to lack of space it becomes hard to move for several sims simultaneously.

In overall I loved Tiny Living and hope to find inspiration to build even more cute tiny houses for you guys! Sign up and share it with your friends!

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      • New perks for small houses
      • New multifunctional furniture
      • It is difficult to make the tiniest house without cheat codes
      • Some new pieces of furniture break all the time
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