Top 10 Games Like Path of Exile

Recently, we have compiled a list of games like World of Warcraft. Today we decided to share with you a list of the top 10 RPG games like Path of Exile.

Diablo series

Diablo series ARPG

A series of Diablo games is known throughout the world. This is a classic ARPG game that has given rise to many modern games. The most popular is Diablo 2, as to this day fans of old-school RPGs play it. This game has reach gameplay, with a lot of loot and randomized areas. In addition to all of it has secret levels and an interesting plot that transfers and continues to all the further parts. Have you seen the Diablo IV announcement video? Then you will understand why Diablo series are popular for over two decades.

Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn Logo ARPG

You will plunge into the atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic world. Grim Dawn is an example of one of the games created under the influence of Diablo. The game has an interesting class system. Here you can make a mix of several classes out of the six that exist. Typical to Path of Exile but with another perspective. The unique feature is that your decisions will influence your story and endgame. And the best part is a great dungeon crawler with a multiplayer option.

Titan Quest

Titan Quest Logo ARPG

Another pillar of RPG games released back in 2006. Several years ago Titan Quest released reworked anniversary edition. In this version, you will not see a rich plot, because you can go through it in 30 hours. But you will enjoy the loot in full! Moreover, it has a great variety of classes as there are 28 of them. And you will be able to play it online with up to 6 friends.

Torchlight series

Torchlight series Logo ARPG

As for Torchlight, until a certain time, it was considered the murderer of Diablo. This, of course, was before Path of Exile. Torchlight series is colourful and casual aRPGs with polished mechanics and good character development. You can read more about Torchlight 2 Classes in our guide here. Also, we made a spotlight about Torchlight Frontiers, which is now the upcoming Torchlight III.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Many expected it to be a classic clone of Diablo. But in fact, it turned out that Wolcen took a lot from Path of Exile. The character development system and the talent tree are especially striking. In Wolcen just as in Path of Exile any class can equip any weapon and everything depends on your stats. But there is also a uniqueness as different weapons in combinations will give you different advantages. So you can even equip two melee weapons or a two-handed weapon (like a greatsword, staff or bow), and you will increase your base damage in that group. Or you can experiment and make a range tank if take shield with a bow or other ranged weapon.

Last Epoch

Last Epoch Logo ARPG

Last Epoch is one of the raising games. It is now available in early access on Steam or you can play a free prologue as well. You can read our Last Epoch first impression post if you are interested in more details. We will write only about the main features. First of all, you can play alone or in a group up to 5 people. You will walk through the game several times but at different epochs!

Pagan Online

Pagan Online

You will choose between ten different classes. Each of them has a unique playlist and abilities. The game has an easy levelling progression with a long campaign and great boss fights. Although you will need to open new heroes and this is a grinding task. Besides, even though you can play in a group the campaign is single-player only.

Warhammer Chaosbane

Warhammer Chaosbane

It is a dark hack and slash aRPG that takes place in the Warhammer universe. Chaosbane has as doze grind as it has low competitiveness. Also you won’t need to struggle during levelling up. You will rush through four acts in order to compete your enemies and get great loot. You can pick a magically powerful champion or an aggressive warrior to help you fulfil this task.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Logo ARPG

Well-known story and character with a lot of loot, monsters and levelling up. Also, it has a unique skill system with many ways to affect the skill you choose. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing has a great variety of skills to choose from because there is only one class: Van Helsing. But you can play him the way you like thanks to the skill tree. In overall you will be pleased to meet this great dark fantasy universe.

Victor Vran

Victor Vran Logo ARPG

Victor Vran is all about using tons of different weapons, outfits, powers, destiny cards and items to kill tons of enemies. You even have special moves and can combine skills plus weapons to defeat beasts or bosses. It has demons, loot and bucketloads of action, and it’s also one of the best Path of Exile clones available.

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