Top 5 games to play on New Year’s Eve

Before we go on a short holiday we wanted to share with you a little piece of our Happy Holidays mood. So meet our list of top 5 games to play on New Year’s Eve.

List of games to play on New Year’s Eve

We all love different things. Some of us love to celebrate New Year with friends on a crowded mindblowing party, others prefer to stay at home with their family. But also there are other people, who would love to meet 2020 doing their favorite things. If you are one of those gamers who celebrate New Year playing this list can give you a hint.

The Sims 4

The Sims is maybe one of the most realistic places, where you can spend New Year’s Eve. You can decorate your house, invite all of your friends, party hard or rest at home. Anything is possible in The Sims 4. Besides, you can participate in the creative challenge and build a great thematic house. Read all the details on the game’s official Twitter page.

The Sims 4 - Games to play on New Year's Eve

World of Warcraft

Blizzard always congratulates their players with all possible holidays. This year World of Warcraft and Great-father winter greet us and share some great holiday content. Therefore you can make interesting quests related to winter holidays, cook holiday food or even loot holiday cosmetics from bosses in raids and dungeons. Moreover, all over Azeroth, you will see decorated Christmas trees with a lot of presents. Those, by the way, you can open and get some great presents, such as toys, pets and food with buffs. Hurry up as the event ends on the 2nd of January 2020.

World of Warcraft Great-father winter

Dota 2

Winter event is a common annual feast in Dota 2. This year you can get some great benefits from it too. Special rewards line in Dota 2 is called Frostivus. The main aim is to fill the line by playing normal matchmaking games. Along the line, you will be able to open gifts, celebrations, chat wheel sounds or a Winter Treasure. The last one has a loot chance to get the following item sets: Ancient Apparition, Death Prophet, Treant Protector, Bane, Alchemist, Leshrac, Sven, Dark Willow, and Mirana. Moreover, you can get a very rare Ursa set and extremely rare Tiny set. Winter Treasure is also available for purchase, read all the details on Steam.


My Time At Portia

Even though there are no specific events related to winter holidays in My Time at Portia you can still celebrate special winter holidays. Those are a part of regular in-game content.

My Time At Portia games to play on New Year's Eve


And of course, you can check out a great blizzard feast in Fortnite! Get outstanding loot and cosmetics to feel the atmosphere of winter holidays! Actually there are a lot of things related to New Year’s celebration in Fortnite, check the video below.

Winterfest 2019 started Dec. 18 in Fortnite and will last for 14 days! So don’t miss a chance to play!

We here in Expert Game Reviews wish you all Happy Holidays! May all your dreams come true! Meet you all next year!

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