Top Diablo III Tips for Beginners

It’s been over 20 years since Diablo series won the hearts of millions of players around the world. But they didn’t stop there. Almost a year has passed since the announcement of Diablo IV development. Blizzard promises us the beloved grimdark atmosphere, complex and varied gameplay, and in addition, open-world. Of course, all the fans froze in anticipation of Diablo IV release date announcement. We regularly publish the latest news about Diablo, but the hottest ones are going to be announced on Blizzcon 2020, of course. In the meantime, if you’re just getting to know the world of Diablo III and want to be prepared for the future read our Diablo III Tips for Beginners.

Pick your class

Since Diablo 3 is hack and slash RPG your main task is to pick the character that fits you the most. First, you need to decide what type of damage you want to deal and whether you will fight from melee or from range. You can read more about classes in D3 in our guide below.

These are the best classes for the current Diablo III season, but the tier list may change from season to season, so it is worth trying different classes to choose the one that fits you the most.

Plan you character

Don’t underestimate your preparation for the game. Of course you can try to figure it out on the go and improvise your own build. But if you are a beginner, then this will be a difficult task. In the end, it may turn out that your build is good for an early game or even for cleaning up medium difficulties, but at high levels of grater rifts it will be ineffective. To prevent this from happening, choose the most effective build for your class that suits your play style.

We’ve also prepared a list of the best Diablo III builds for the current seasons, which we suggest you check out above.

Play Season not Standard

You’ve probably already noticed that at the most we talk about the season all the time. This is no coincidence. The fact is that Seasonal D3 is not just a string of events and awards, it is also an updated version of the game. Therefore, for a comfortable and exciting game, it is better to always play the current season and next time prepare for the new season in advance.

Play on the comfortable difficulty level

Diablo 3 has many difficulty levels that entail more rewards. But along with the bonus loot, you will meet tougher and more powerful opponents. It is likely that on too high difficulty, you will have to dodge all attacks and kill a pack of white mobs for 2 minutes to move on. Even with a stretch, such a game cannot be called exciting. Therefore, reduce the difficulty until the clear speed and loot ratio meet your expectations. After you level up your character, you can try increasing the difficulty and so on until you reach your limit.

Never stop learning

Since these Diablo III tips are written for beginners, it should be remembered that Diablo is about more than just killing mobs and getting loot. Of course, it is the vast piece of the gameplay, but there are a lot of ways to make it more effective. There are different things as Greater Rift keystones, Kadala vendor techniques, Kanai’s Cube recipes and a lot of other peculiar things. So don’t stop learning! Prepare for the next season and play with fun!

Don’t miss our Diablo 3 guides series for beginners as we have just only started.

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