Top May PC Indie Games List

Recently, indie gaming has become very popular among both the younger generation and oldfags. The gaming industry market is expanding every day with new indie games. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose a game to your liking because there are so many of them. That is why we decided to create a monthly section “Indie Games of the Month” in which we will provide a list of the most popular and high-quality indie games. It is also worth noting that we compile this list based on our own evaluation criteria. And we choose among those indie games that came out during the month which is referred to in the post. Now here is a list of the best indie games released in May 2021 for PC.

Most Popular Indie Games

In May 2021, there’s been a lot of indie games released for PC, we have selected the top 5 most popular of them. These are the games that are most discussed, bought and praised. There are, of course, more than 5 of them, but we proceeded not only from popularity but also quality, originality, graphics and gameplay. Thus, the list of the 5 most popular indie games in May 2021 includes:

Force of Nature 2: Ghost Keeper

Force of Nature 2 Ghost Keeper TOP

Force of Nature 2: Ghost Keeper offers incredible adventures full of mystery, danger, exploration and magic. This game combines the genres of Survival, Sandbox, Action, Adventure, RPG, Strategy and Resource Management.

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Tainted Grail: Conquest

Tainted Grail: Conquest Top

A unique, infinitely replayable, story-driven hybrid between a deck-building Roguelike and an RPG game. Explore the ever-changing maps, fight with deadly enemies, and learn what happened to the cursed island of Avalon.

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Siege Survival: Gloria Victis

Siege Survival: Gloria Victis Top

A medieval city under siege and a handful of civilians are all that keep the walls from falling. Mixing survival strategy and resource management, build your camp, craft supplies, and scavenge the occupied city to supply the last troops holding back the invaders.

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Huntdown Top

In the mayhem-filled streets of the future where criminal gangs rule and cops fear to tread, only the bounty hunters can free the city from the corrupt fist of a felony. Lay waste to the criminal underworld and make a killing in this hard-boiled action-comedy arcade shooter.

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Demeo Top

RPG fans, it’s time to unite… in virtual reality. Do you have the mettle to survive a monster-infested dungeon crawler that immerses players in the classic fantasy RPG genre like never before? Time to find out! Download Demeo now.

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Editor’s Choice

This category includes indie games that our authors and editors especially liked, but for some reason, they turned out to be less popular. But we are sure that they deserve no less attention given the high quality and variety of gameplay.

Crime Reaper

Crime Reaper TOP

It’s murder sudoku — solve crimes and impress Death in your new afterlife puzzle career!

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The Wild at Heart

The Wild at Heart Top

A mysterious hidden realm. Two precocious kids fleeing hardship. Magical creatures and an oddball order of guardians who have lost their way. A stygian evil imprisoned. Welcome to the Deep Woods.

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Patch Quest

Patch Quest Top

The ONLY Roguelike-Metroidvania fusion where you can mount and ride EVERY monster in the game! Get ready to Leap, Glide, Tunnel, Bite, Slither, Websling and Explode your way through a shuffling patchwork maze. Survival depends on bending the forces of nature to your own ends!

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Five Nations

Five Nations Top

Five Nations is a real-time sci-fi strategy game for PC platform. Encompassing tactical combat in space in real-time mixed with micromanagement of economy, construction, and production featuring a different kind of single-player modes.

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7Days Origins

7Days Origins TOP

Every choice you make will change your story. Every small choice will change your relationships with comrades, and change your fate and those of your comrades at critical moments. You may be the villain, or a trustworthy comrade. Everything depends on your choices.

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