Top reasons to start WoW Classic as an Undead

It’s been awhile since Blizzard released World of Warcraft Classic. And all this time we have been gathering information and played the game to write for you a series of tips that will help you get into Classic quickly and with the greatest profit. So today meet our first post that combines top reasons to start WoW Classic as an Undead.

Top five reasons to play WoW Classic as an Undead

Among all other races we find Undeads the easiest race to start playing World of Warcraft and further we will describe why.

1. Race abilities

If you are a PvP kind of player and you go to Azeroth to fight against other players Undead is certainly the best option. That’s because of great race abilities that Undeads have.

The first one is Will of the Forsaken. It is an instant ability that lasts for 5 seconds and has a 2 minutes cooldown. Will of the Forsaken provides you immunity to such control effects as Charm, Fear and Sleep while active. Also, it can be activated even if you are already under one of that effects. In that case it will cancel them and will give you the immunity as follows.

play WoW Classic as an Undead

The second one is Cannibalize. It is also an instant ability with a 2 minutes cooldown. But it has a range on 5 yards and has another principal of work. You need to find a corps of Humanoid or Undead and activate Cannibalize ability on it. After that your character will regenerate 7% of total health every 2 seconds. Although any action, movement or damage will cancel Cannibalizing. Even though it cannot be effective in the battle grounds Cannibalize is a great ability for leveling in PvP zones. As you can be ganged by other places.

There are two racial abilities are passive and great in any situation. Firstly, Undeads can breath underwater on 300% longer than any other race (Underwater Breathing). Secondly, they have on 10 points more shadow resistance.

As a result these racial abilities can be extremely effective in combinations with such classes as Priest (especially Shadow), Mage or Rogue. To choose the best combination of class for Undead visit Wow Head Classic. There you can find a lot of guides to help you level up.

2. Comfortable locations for questing

If you played for Horde you know that almost all races at level 10 or even earlier come to Barrens for quests and leave their for ages. That is absolutely opposite to playing in WoW Classic as an Undead. All their locations are interesting and look stylish. Moreover, quests are very interesting and variable.

3. Simple and comfy capital

Even though you might be confused at first Undercity at first later you’ll understand all the benefits of the city. First of all, it is smaller than Orgrimmar and after you understand the principle of city locations, you’ll see how fast it is to orientate in Undercity.

WoW Undercity

Besides, there you’ll find all class and professional trainers (even Alchemy expert trainer) as well as vendors that sell any kinds of goods. Moreover, there are also a bank and an auction.

4. Nearby Zeppelins

Not far from Undercity there is a village called Brill where you will find Hord’s fast travelling transport – Zeppelins. Moreover, there are two important routes.

WoW Classic as an Undead Zeppelins

The first Zeppelin will take you to Orgrimmar. And the other one to Grom’gol Base Camp, which has a route to Stranglethorn Vale (a very important advantage for getting into the middle leveling up locations).

5. WoW Classic as an Undead – Animation and Looks

And the lat but not the least advantage of Undeads is their stylish looks and one of the best animations. By playing as Undead you’ll feel all the aspects of the Forsaken.

Useful tips to start playing World of Warcraft Classic

First of all, you need to realize that WoW Classic is not easy to play. If it will be your first time to play it read some guides to pick the class and race as well as a faction. Wow head is a good place to make a research about it. We gave a link above in the article.

Also, you need to pick a decent server to play. It is very important to start on the server that has a population to fit your faction and race to have a comfortable play. Here is a link to all Classic server statistics for you to pick the proper one.

We hope you spend great time in Azeroth. We will see you soon.

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