Torchlight 2 Best Builds: Complete Guide

It is not very hard to make your own build in Torchlight 2. We have already written about Torchlight 2 Classes and today we will tell you more tips on how to make your Torchlight 2 build and share the best Torchlight 2 builds as well.

Torchlight 2 Best Builds

Torchlight 2 Skill Trees

Each of four classes has three skill tree unique to them. They consist of 10 different skills. There are 7 active skills and 3 passive skills in one skill tree. So that means that in total one character can choose from 21 active skills and 9 passive skills. In addition, each skill has three tiers. To max a skill you’ll need 15 skill points (5 per each tier upgrade).

Classes Skill Trees Names

Below you can see the list of names of all skill trees in the game.

  • Outlander: Warfare, Lore, Sigil
  • Embermage: Inferno, Frost, Storm
  • Engineer: Blitz, Construction, Aegis
  • Berserker: Hunter, Tundra, Shadow

You will get abilities by adding skill points into one of the skill trees.

Torchlight Stats

Also, there are stats that add attributes to your character. Mainly those characteristics will increase critical strike chance or damage, mana, health points, weapon damage etc. There are four stats in Torchlight 2 and each of them influence particular characteristics. You can read all of them below.


  • Increases all Weapon Damage
  • Increases Critical Strike Damage


  • Increases Critical Strike Chance
  • Increases Dodge Chance
  • Increases Fumble Recovery


  • Increases maximum Mana
  • Increases all Elemental Damage
  • Increases Execute Chance


  • Increases maximum Health
  • Increases Armor
  • Increases Block Chance

All the classes of the classes have their main stats and side stats. It is important to max main stats to improve your character’s effectiveness. For example, Outlander’s main stat is Dexterity so if you max it your champion will benefit a lot as you will have nice dodge chances and a lot of damage from critical strikes, the perfect combination for a squishy ranger. All main stats are listed below:

  • Outlander – Dexterity
  • Embermage – Focus
  • Engineer – Strength, Vitality 
  • Berserker – Strength, Dexterity 

Yes, there are also classes with too leading stats. It means that they can be effective both ways. Engineer can be a good melee damage dealer and a tank, for example.

Torchlight 2 Points Distribution and Fame

There are two main points you get to upgrade your character: skill points and stats points. Those you will spend to learn and level up your skills and stats. Also, there is fame, which we will explain further.

How do you get points? Typically to any other hack and slash rpg. Whenever your character levels up you get 1 skill point and 5 stat points. You should distribute them in accordance with your desires and build.

The maximum amount of levels in Torchlight 2 is 100. That means that you get a chance to distribute 100 skill points, but 495 stat points. That means that you cannot take all active and passive skills in your skill trees, of course. So you need to choose Torchlight 2 build and act in accordance with its recommendations.

In addition to these points, there is also fame. You can get it by killing tougher monsters, like bosses. Fame has its levels too when you level up your fame level you get an additional skill point. And that’s where you get extra skill points for the builds you’ll see below.

Torchlight 2 Best Builds

There are a lot of different builds that can browse on the Internet. But we decided to share with you our top choice builds. We will describe one top build per each class. Just click on the cross to expand the details.

Outlander: Pistoleer

Outlander: Pistoleer

Embermage: Prismatic Bolt

Embermage: Prismatic Bolt

Engineer: Elite Tank Cannon

Engineer: Elite Tank Cannon

Berserker: Wolfpack 

Berserker: Wolfpack

Engineer: Summoner – Mechromancer

Engineer: Elite Tank Cannon

These Torchlight 2 builds are made and checked by our author Artem. He has great experience in RPGs and is eager to share with you his knowledge. We how you find this post useful and share it with your friends.

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