Torchlight 2 Review

Torchlight II Brief review

Nostalgia. This word can easily describe my feelings today. That’s the main reason why we wrote this article about Torchlight 2. As for Torchlight 2 is 6 years old now. But it doesn’t matter, cause if a game is good it remains the same forever.

Classes in Torchlight 2

So you can play with one of the four presented classes. They are:

  1. Engineer – a heavy melee fighter who uses ember-powered steampunk technology.
  2. Outlander – dps class who can use ranged weapons and “low magic”.
  3. Berserker – melee fighter who uses quick attacks and animal-themed special powers.
  4. Embermage – a highly trained spell-casting class with elemental attacks.

You can read our Torchlight 2 classes guide for more information.


As you see I’ve picked an Outlander. You may be wonder who is this fluffy little dog besides my hero. That’s my pet. Here in Torchlight, they are really useful. They can fight for you and bring you different stuff from a city, while you are busy on a quest. Also, he can sell your trash for you. Moreover, if you don’t like dogs you can pick a lama (no kidding) or a cat etc.

Skill trees

As you start playing you will know the plot and start your first quests. As usual in RPGs you will receive experience, gold, and equipment during your adventure. But, also, for killing big and powerful monsters you will get fame. This resource you will spend to upgrade your skills. That’s how you’ll make your hero special. For example, I’ve chosen Warfare skill tree branch for my Outlander.


It means that my hero is specialized in guns. Two other branches are Lore and Sigil. As for other classes the names of their skill trees are:

  • Engineer skill Trees: Blitz, Construction, Aegis.
  • Berserker skill Trees: Hunter, Tundra, Shadow.
  • Embermage skill Trees: Inferno, Frost, Storm.

If you want to know more about classes and their abilities in Torchlight 2 you can read them on the wiki.

Stat and equipment

Here everything is pretty simple. After you understood what skill tree to choose you can spend your stat points. Don’t be afraid if you spend first fame to an inappropriate skill tree! You can easily refund three previous points in a city.


The same story with equipment. Mainly you will get clothes with the stats your class needs, but read its features, cause they may not be useful for your skill tree. Also, I’d like to add one more thing about this strange indicator over my abilities, the one with a purple line, which is half full (yeah, I am an optimist). This one will give you more powers when it’s full. After killing or shooting someone it slowly fills and if you stop it will quickly get empty . So if you need more damage or attack speed pay attention to this indicator.

Boss fight in Torchlight 2

This can get really tough. Especially if you are playing on the highest difficulty. Here I will share with you a screenshot of the fight with an act boss.


As you see we are standing in the middle of something powerful and scary. Usually, bosses summon lots of minions. Some of them are weak, others are really strong and your task is to kill them before the next wave as fast as possible to give some damage to a boss too. That’s really hard, as minions have way more health than your damage rate. So mainly you run circles trying not to die ??????

To sum up, I will recommend you to play Torchlight 2 even if you did it before. Believe me it worth your evenings!

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