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Many will remember Torchlight Frontiers – a promising project that was planned as an MMO aRPG on console and PC, but as a result, the game suffered a different fate. In January 2020, rebranding to Torchlight III was announced, the game lost many online aspects (including the f2p model) and the developers tried to return to the first parts of this series. Did they succeed?

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New beginning

If you are a fan of Torchlight I&II, then you probably won’t like the new part. Despite the name change, the game is very remotely similar to the first two parts. Therefore, it is worth evaluating it as a standalone game, and not a continuation of the series. Unfortunately, the game has more minuses than pluses, and this concerns not so much gameplay, but rather the presence of a large number of bugs and shortcomings. The game was released too early and as a result came out unfinished, which greatly influenced the impression of it.

So, with regard to the positive aspects. In general, the game is very simple, without a lot of different elements and difficulty in mastering. It’s great for a casual pastime, especially on consoles (performed very well on Nintendo Switch). Four unique classes and one of five Relics allow you to choose the most suitable play style. Simple bosses and monsters in mechanics make it easy to spend time with friends, without bothering about complex builds or finding gear. We should also mention the personal fort – for those who like to decorate their personal camp, it will give an opportunity to reveal their talent. There are many decorations and most of you will open as you progress through the game, so creating a unique fort will be an interesting process.

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As for the things that I personally didn’t like, is the variety of content in the game. This also applies to levels – most of the game is one corridor, which is very annoying by the middle of the game. At the same time, the game is very short – the main campaign takes less than 10 hours. And end-game content is presented in the form of short-zone farming – choosing one of three depending on the conditions. Skills are also very poorly developed – most are useless, and many are simply not balanced in damage, which greatly limits the choice when creating a character.

The game came out quite controversial. On the one hand, it is simple, with dynamic gameplay and decent graphics. On the other hand, its competitors (not only on PC, but also on consoles) offer much more options and variety. Therefore, whether it is worth your attention is up to you.

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