Torchlight Frontiers Classes

Some time ago we wrote a review about Torchlight Frontiers and promised to write a separate post (guide) about Torchlight Frontiers Classes. Currently, there are 3 classes – Dusk Mage, Forged and Railmaster. Each of them has its unique mechanics and skills, which influence its fighting style and gameplay.

Torchlight Frontiers Classes Guide

Dusk Mage

Let’s start from the hardest class in the game, in my opinion, it is Dusk Mage. In Torchlight Frontiers it is a classical caster class. The difficulty is in that you will need to cast spells from two different schools simultaneously. If you do everything right, you’ll get buffs from both.

Torchlight Frontiers Dusk Mage Guide

When you cast Dark spells you stack Light bar. After it gets full you’ll need to use any Light spell to get a buff from this school – increased mana regeneration for a short period of time. Dark bar works the same way, but in this case, you get damage buff.

Each school has pretty good personal spells. But I prefer Dark spells, especially, Entropy. This spell stacks Light Bar quickly and with bonus mana regeneration it is much easier to spam spells. Otherwise, you’ll feel a lack of mana. Among Light spells, I usually take supportive ones – Luminous Run and Concentration.


This dangerous robot on funny legs can fight is a range or in melee. Its two talent branches are Barrage for range attacks and Brawl with melee abilities. Its unique mechanics is Heat. Almost all his abilities generate Heat and as it reaches the maximum you cannot use any of them.

Torchlight Frontiers Forged Guide

There are two ways to solve this problem. The first one is to use a basic attack and wait. On the other hand, you can use one of his two abilities that spend the Heat. I prefer Coal Launch – it has good damage and doesn’t have a cooldown. Otherwise, you can use Vent: Vortex Bomb, but this one needs to be recharged.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t underestimate Vortex Bomb as it is a must for melee-based Forged. For Forged with ranged combat style I’d recommend Rapid Fire and Slug Shot with Poison Dart for AOE damage. I liked Melee Forged less, although, Rapid Strike with Vortex Bomb combo let you clear dungeons with incredible speed.


This Torchlight Frontiers Class combined in it melee fighter and sort of a summoner. You can’t summon different creatures or raise undead but you can build rails with useful cars. Build Train, and here name speaks it all, gives you an opportunity to build a train with 2 cars any time you want.

Torchlight Frontiers Railmaster Guide

The train will always assist you with turret fire, but cars you choose on your taste from the skills tree Conductor. I chose Flamethrower and Shotgonne Cars, e. g. they deal with crowds of monster perfectly. One of the advantages of the Conductor branch is that you don’t need to spend your class resource (Endurance) on abilities.

Otherwise, most part of the Lineage abilities needs Endurance, This skill tree branch specializes in melee skills. But Railmaster is not a very good fighter without the assistance of his loyal cars by his side. Therefore I recommend upgrading your train and selected cars in the first place.

On the moment when the post was published part of the abilities wasn’t opened by developers yet. That’s why when they appear there will be a chance to reconsider current gameplay and Torchlight Frontiers Classes guide. For everyone who is interested in the process of development of the game can check the road map here.

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