Torchlight Frontiers Review

We managed to get early access to the new Torchlight game of the series. So mee Torchlight Frontiers Review to know about all the new features.

Gameplay: Torchlight Frontiers Review

Torchlight Frontiers is a sequel of successful Torchlight series. For the time being, as this Torchlight Frontiers Review published, the game is on Alpha stage. So it is hard to judge all the upcoming features and gameplay. But we’ll try. Developers from Echtra Games tried to bring their plan of Torchlight MMO to life.

Torchlight Frontiers Review open world

Players have open-world locations with commonly accessible mobs, bosses and resources. In addition to that, there you’ll see different dungeons, which are private, but you can still get there with your party members. Also, there are maps in the game. They are accessible anytime, so you don’t need to wait for late-game as they adjust to your level. The gameplay is standard for arpg – you kill monsters, find equipment and level up your character.

Torchlight Frontiers Fort buildings

Moreover, Torchlight Frontiers contain forts – unique and available for all. Your fort is a place that will become your home. You will get the ability to build different buildings for craft and resources processing. Those you can find while exploring locations. In addition to that, you will make your fort unique with the help of different decorations.

Torchlight Frontiers Classes list

For the time being, there are 3 classes available in the game: Dusk Mage, Forged and Railmaster. We will give more detailed information in the following post. Now in this Torchlight Frontiers review, we will mention general things. First of all, each class is unique, not only by its abilities but also by mechanics.

Frontiers pets

Dusk Mage finds the balance between Light and Dark spells. Forged combines ranged and melee combat styles. And Railmaster relies not only on his strength but also uses his engineering skills to create a crossover train with various battle cars.

Torchlight Frontiers Relic weapons

Moreover, each hero is accompanied by his loyal pet, that has its own abilities as well. Is this not enough for you? In addition to all of that Torchlight Frontiers has Relic weapons relic system. That’s a special item with unique abilities and has a separate talent tree. Although, there are only three Relic weapons now and they are available for all classes.

Graphics Review

Torchlight Frontiers has very good graphics. Besides, detailed heroes, you will see detailed monsters and surroundings. Moreover, you can make a real masterpiece from your fort wit ha help of greatly customized decorations.

Although, we should highlight some cons as well. Even though locations are random they are still very repetitive. For the time being, there is not a great amount of them in the game. So when you are in one of the two frontiers it is hard to say in what zone you are exactly as all of them are alike.

Controls Review

The main feature of the game is that there are only 6 slots for abilities. So you need to choose all of them beforehand as you will hardly change them during the fight. Of course, you can adjust bindings to your game style as it is pretty easy.

Torchlight Frontiers Controls

Although there are some minuses as well. A lot of abilities work unpredictably. Sometimes it is hard to point them into the right target. And others cannot hit a target due to unseen obstacles. Also, we were disappointed that rangeability cannot be bound on the left mouse button instead of auto-attack. So you will need to click it all the time or hold shift and ability to prevent your character shoot and move to the location.

Sound and Narrative Review

Music has one of the leading positions in the game. It is pretty diverse and atmospheric and will follow you everywhere from fight to the fort. Sometimes it is worth staying in the town for a little bit more to enjoy it and relax.

Torchlight Frontiers Review Narrative

The storyline of Torchlight Frontiers begins from the end of Torchlight II. You are located in Alberen and face two problems at once – Goblin and Hyvid frontiers. The story goes similarly to the second part. You take a quest in town, where you will be given brief information about the events. Then you go to complete the quest helping others. Now you won’t see any cinematics except for the opening intro. That’s the main reason why you may face difficulties to understand the whole narrative.

  • Summary
    66Total Score

    Our reviews are based on five criteria that allow us to give the most accurate assessment of the game. Gameplay displays the main features of the game, mechanics and overall player's game interaction. Narrative reveals the main storyline, well-written dialogue and the impact of the player's actions on the world around them, as well as the atmosphere. Graphics shows how well a game looks visually, regardless of type and perspectives. Sound is how well the dialogue and sounds of the game are sounded, as well as how the music and soundtracks accompany the game. Last but not least, Controls are how comfortable they are and allow the player to expect full control over their character.

    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • Unique classes with interesting mechanics
      • There is an ability to build your own fort
      • The game is still in Alfa testing, that influences the quality much
      • Locations are too repetitive
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