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ULTRACOMBO Arcade 2019 Skins League of Legends

Today we are happy to inform you that Riot has announced new ULTRACOMBO Arcade 2019 Skins! This year we will see 4 new skins. Therefore Yasuo, Kai’Sa, Caitlyn and Qiyana. All of them are super fancy and worth acquiring. Check out the video below to see all the great things about them from the first sight.

As you can see this time our favorite champions have the following names effected by the ULTRACOMBO Arcade 2019 skins: Battle Boss Qiyana, Arcade Kai’Sa, Battle Boss Yasuo, and Arcade Caitlyn. As it is mentioned they will appear in League of Legends on 28th June 2019 and you will be able to buy them asap. Besides, it is also a starting date of an ULTRACOMBO event in League of Legends which will last until the 29th July 2019. Don’t forget to participate and all the best you can to get special rewards. Here you can see all the details about the event and prices featured for the arcade skins.

Before we talked about Neeko champion spotlight in League of Legends. It’s been a long time since its appearance, so tell us what do you think of the champion? How long have you been playing Neeko and what do you love the most?

Oh, and last but not the least except ULTRACOMBO Arcade 2019 skins announcement Riot has shared their feature arrivals. So now we are waiting for the debut of new Demacia Vice skins for Lucian and Garen. We really think they are going to be superb as usual .

And what are you waiting for the most? Which ULTRACOMBO Arcade 2019 skins will you buy? Tell us more in comments and share the news with your friends through social media.


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