Unmerciful Mishaps | Best Gaming Moments of the Week

Are you absolute legends ready for a week jam-packed with the smallest amount of mercy you’ve ever seen? The theme of this week is unmerciful mishaps. Mercy is for the weak, which makes our heroes here the strongest, unluckiest, deadest guys around! Let’s break down the clips together and vote for which one you think is best. 

Our first clip brings us to Ghosts of Tsushima, where our hero is on the run from a gang of bow-wielding enemies. All appears to be going well, with our man jumping off a cliff and onto a hut roof. Talk about dexterity. He leaps into the air one last time, seconds away from safety, when an arrow hits him. Then a second arrow. Then a third. Then roughly 6 million more arrows pierce our hero’s flesh, suspending him in the air like the world’s unluckiest Airbender. And you thought Boromir had it bad. 

Our second clip enters the realm of PUBG. our hero is going for a drive on his motorcycle. Being the daredevil he is, he takes a little jump… directly into a power line! Electricity does what electricity does best, blowing up our man and the motorcycle. What started as a peaceful ride through the countryside ended in 10 million volts of electricity coursing through our hero’s veins. Talk about a bad situation that gets a lot worse! NO MERCY FOR THE DUMB! 

Our third and final clip takes place in GTA. Our man is calmly walking along, about to hop in the glider for a little jaunt in the air. The propellor had different plans. It launches our guy into the air, where gravity quickly comes into play. Our man, a second before innocently going for an airplane ride, turns into a homemade Bautista Bomb, slamming down on the glider and blowing it sky-high. 

Well, which clip won? Was it the endless arrow bone marrow, the bad time power line, or the throw up blow up? 

Check out the video and let’s hear your thoughts. New episodes are released every Friday 11am PST (2pm EST). Make sure to vote for your favorite, and we will see you next Friday!

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