Valorant Act II Changes: Killjoy Agent, Glitchpop skins and more

So the first episode of Valorant has come to an end. We had a great time playing Act one that gave us new champion Reyna, new map Ascent and even first legendary skins Elderflame. Such a great start might have an even better continuation. Today we will talk about new Valorant agent Killjoy, Act II, Glitchpop skins and other details.

New Agent: Killjoy

Killjoy banner

We have already written some leaks that contained information about Killjoy. So now we are excited that she is officially added into the game. Killjoy has an awesome set of abilities that will help you play a safe game. Let’s have a better look at them.


You equip and deploy a robot that will hit and explode next to the enemy that entered its range. That will give you a chance to kill him fast as AlarmBot will also make the enemy temporarily vulnerable to double damage from all sources.


This Turret is can fire enemies within its 180 degree cone. That makes Killjoy not only an aggressive but also a good solo agent. You will have a lot of time to wait for your teammates as your Turret and AlarmBot will help you control the area.


A quite grenade that you can activate to deal a lot of damage to the enemy agent. This ability cannot be recalled. Turret ad AlarmBot can be recalled by holding equip button, but grenade is not.


With perfect timing, you will make Lockdown your greatest strength. It detains all enemies caught in its radius for about 8 seconds. And with such great control, you will make the game work for you.

Thanks Valorant official blog for these great videos, by the way!

New Weapon skins: Glitchpop!

These skins are awesome in many ways. First of all, they match with Killjoy perfectly. Second of all, they are ultra modern and look great. Just have a look at them in the video below.

Frenzy, Judge, Bulldog, Odin, Melee get the Glitchpop drop. Included are 7 levels of upgrades, like a finisher, kill banner, variants, and an accessory bundle.

Other Valorant changes

First of all, you will need to know some extra information about Valorant Act II Battlepass if you want to get all the cosmetics that Riot Games made for us in this episode.

Also, the game has some improvements in the ranked system. Now we will experience a better matchmaking system. If you are playing solo you will unlikely group to play against full premade. And in addition, there will be Act Ranks system. Valorant Act Rank is granted after the previous Act. They will determine 9 matches where you played the best and grant you with a border that will be shown in the competitive mode.

Free for all Deathmatch beta

And one the other interesting thins is an upcoming Valorant game mode, where everything will be about your shooting skills. There won’t be any abilities or spikes. But there will be unlimited gold and weapons. Show off your shooting skills in this new 10 players game mode.

We will let you know about any interesting stuff when it comes! Stay tuned.

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