Valorant Elderflame Ultra Edition Skins

The latest news that exploded the curiosity of Valorant players. Riot Games has announced the release of first Ultra Edition skins: Elderflame in Valorant. The skin set will appear in the shop 10th July 2020. Until then you can enjoy how they will look in the game.

Impossibly dangerous, stylish and simply beautiful and incredible dragons burst into the universe of Valorant. And no, this is not just a familiar print on your favorite type of weapon. Elderflame is something more. Feel the full power of the dragon flame in your hands!

Your usual Vandal will now not only look, but also act like a dragon. Ultra Edition skins are ought to be something special and cool. Therefore, you see the full new set on animations. New animation of battle, reload, recoil and much more.

Moreover, you will become the owner of not only one skin for one type of weapon. For a fair price of $100, you’ll see pistols, main guns and even knives designed as dragons. In addition, you will see a special animation at the end of the round.

It’s not long to wait and in a couple of days you will be able to conquer everyone with your new weapons and unlock VALORANT’s first Ultra Edition skins: Elderflame.

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    “a fair price of $100”

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