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Here you’ll find all Valorant Guides that we have written. We will continue to write general Valorant guides to help you improve your skills and play style. 

How to Link Your Riot Account to Twitch.TV
It is becoming more and more popular to share additional in-game content for watching Twitch. Riot Games have many offers for all their active products. You can watch League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra and VALORANT on Twitch and get rewards for that. In this post, you will learn how to link your...
Valorant Brimstone Agent Guide
There are thirteen Agents in Valorant for now. All of them has abilities that identify their performance class. Even though Valorant is focused more on aiming and shooting know what an Agent can do is a must to become best of the best. Today we will describe Brimstone Agent and give some tips to play...
When do Valorant missions reset?
Valorant as any other free to play game encourages its players to log in and play more. One of these tricks is missions. There are two types of missions in Valorant: daily missions and weekly missions. Today we will tell you when and how they reset. Valorant Daily Missions In the upper menu, you can...
Valorant Tips for Beginners
We have already written a lot of articles and guides that help players become better in Valorant. This time we decided to write some Valorant tips for beginners and combine all over previous guides in this post. If it is your first introduction to the game you should read our Valorant starters guides there you...
How to Refund in Valorant
Valorant is a free to play game, but there is an in-game shop. There you can buy skins or any other visual effects that can be applied to the weapon. Some of the skins can be bought for a particular gun. But what should you do if you wanted to buy an awesome skin fro...
Guide: How to improve your aim in Valorant
Valorant is a team shooter in which teamwork, knowledge of the map and agent skills play a significant role. But one way or another, in the shooter genre, the main thing is the ability to react quickly and shoot accurately. To improve your shooting skills, we have selected some tips on what is the best...
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