Valorant Leaks: Next Agent, Free-for-all Deathmatch Mode and New Skins

After the release of the latest Valorant 1.03 patch, dataminers were able to extract interesting information from the game files. But do not forget that this information is just a rumour and may differ from what we will see soon.

New agent – Killjoy

Riot Games promised to release 6 new agents in Valorant per year, and the first one is Reyna. Now everyone is waiting for a new one, and judging by the leaked data, it will be a certain Killjoy. Files with animations of his ults and sound files were found, and apparently an agent with an interesting set of abilities awaits us. He will be somehow connected with lightning and electricity, and will be able to control turrets and drones. The name of his ult is also known – “detained loop”. Unfortunately, the agent textures themselves were not in the game, so we can only guess how it will look.

Free-for-all Game Mode

New modes always delight players, because they bring variety to the game. The new mode will most likely be the FFA Deathmatch, but unfortunately, there are no details on the terms and conditions. It is only known that the map for this mode will be Ascent, the last map released.

Upcoming Skin Theme

Of course, there are no images of new skins, but in-game data there are a lot of skin files mentioning “Cyberpunk” and “Fallen”. So what awaits us is the new futuristic weapons design with stunning animations of reloading and finishing kill. Cyberpunk is related to such weapons as Judge, Bulldog, Aries/Odin and Knife. As for Fallen, it’s Vandal, Operator, Specter and Classic.

Other Features

A time-out option was also detected in the code. This feature is known to all players in Counter-Strike in competitive games. The settings found by Xbox gamepad support are most likely to be seen soon, but nonetheless they will appear in the game after some time. We are also waiting for the long-awaited switch control for left-handed players.

If you are interested in this topic, you can find out all the details on Reddit thanks for the information to the user Mang0eLeaks.

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