Valorant Tips for Beginners

We have already written a lot of articles and guides that help players become better in Valorant. This time we decided to write some Valorant tips for beginners and combine all over previous guides in this post.

If it is your first introduction to the game you should read our Valorant starters guides there you will find top tips that will help you improve your skills and learn how to play the game. But if you have already played several matches and what to dot the “I’s” and cross the “T’s” for yourself then this post will be useful for you. We took all the infographic from Riot official blog and explained them our way and added some tips that we have as players.

What is Valorant

The main purpose of the game is to win 13 matches but to do that effectively you will need to understand the game, oriented on maps, pick suitable weapons and agents. We will tell you how in Valorant tips below.

Valorant Tips

It is not easy to become a pro in Valorant. You will need to learn a lot of things. You may think that it doesn’t matter what agent you pick, the most important task is to shoot well. That’s not true as even if aiming helps at first you will eventually face the opponent that can shoot better and uses the advantages of his agent over you. But don’t worry we will help you prioritize the skills you need to master as Valorant beginner.

Pick a Role

Each agent has a role. There are four roles in the game each of them is significant in specific way.

Valorant Roles

You cannot see it from the picture, but Killjoy is a sentinel. So the four roles are: duelist, initiator, sentinel and controller. When you pick a role it is very important to fulfill its tasks. For example, if you take a controller don’t forget to use your abilities in order to help your team take the best positions in a map unseen. As initiator you should know a map good and know where to find weak spots and reveal the enemy. And so on. If you like to play solo then try duelist, but remember that some abilities can harm your teammates.

Choose an Agent

After you have picked your role in the game have a better look at the champions from this category. Learn there abilities, try them out in the training mode, play several matches with different agents to pick the one you like the most. Our Valorant agents tier list can help you make a decision too.

We advice you master two agents and change them every 2-3 matches. That will make you better player as you will be more advanced and will know more agents. In addition you won’t face the situation when the champion you usually play is taken and you have to challenge your self and learn a new one during the game.

Choose Right Weapon

Before you upgrade your aiming skills choose the weapon you are best with. Moreover, you need to differentiate between their types and adjust your weapon choice to the situation. Try the weapons in training mode and define your potential. Pick 1-2 weapons for each category of weapons. You can see them below.

Choose Right Weapon

Imagine several situation when shotgun is better then a rifle and vice verse. For exmaple, you are playing in def and you know a spot where you can wait for an enemy and shot him in melee range. What would you choose? I would choose a shotgun as it has higher chances to oneshot a player in short range. If you want to have a better look at different weapons read our Valorant weapons tier list.

But when you know all of them you need to learn how to shoot, right?

Improve your Aim

First of all, find a way to make your sight look the way you want. After that learn the general tips of positioning in maps. Learn the basics and shoot in training mode each time before a match. These are general aiming tips. You can learn more in our guide below.

Remember that aiming is your personal skill, which you need to train on regular basics with different weapons. Only then you will succeed.

Learn the Maps

Of course, you may think that after playing so many games you have learnt each layout. But what about callouts?

In our guide above we combine all useful information about every map in Valorant. Read them and try to learn all the best spots it will increase your performance greatly.

What comes next depends only on you and your desire to get better in Valorant. You can make up your personal tips and tricks, improve your gaming skills and shock everyone with your performance. Everything is possible if you really want it.

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