Valorant Winterwunderland Collection Skins

The Winterwunderland Collection is a set of winter skins for weapons in Valorant. They were firstly introduced in 2020 during the Christmas event. Every year Riot Games will introduce a new set of cosmetics for Valorant on this topic and we will update this post relevantly.

Winterwunderland Collection 2020

This set of Valorant weapon cosmetics appeared in December 2020 and was available for purchase for a limited period of time. But you will still get a chance to purchase them whenever the event becomes active every year in December.

Winterwunderland Collection 2020

Above you can see Valorant Winterwunderland Collection skins. They can be purchased for Valorant points in the shop. You can buy the full bundle at once for 5100 Valorant Points or buy the cosmetics separately.

Winterwunderland Collection 2020 prices:

In the table below you can see the prices for every weapon and bundle.

Weapon NamePrice
Ghost1275 VP
Phantom1275 VP
Vandal1275 VP
Marshal1275 VP
Candy Cane
Variant 1: Green
Variant 2: Blue
Variant 3: Rainbow
2550 VP

15 RP
15 RP
15 RP
Candy Cane Variants

Above you can see the variants of Candy Cane that you can buy additionally for 15 RP (Radianite Points) each.

As we have already mentioned above there will be a new set of Winter cosmetics in Valorant in 2021 that we will add here. During the new event, all old winter cosmetics will be available in the shop as well.

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