What is Garena?

Many online games find it difficult to go global due to server issues. It is very hard and expensive to obtain and maintain servers in all regions around the world. Thus many companies at first focus on more populated regions like America, Europe and far East. But it is not the whole world, there are also countries in the middle east or in CIS, for example. In most cases, players in these countries will need to wait until the developer considers it worth opening servers in their region, but that can take years. So the companies like Garena appear on the market. They buy rights to run the game on their servers in the regions uncovered by the official game. That’s in general, now let’s talk about Garena specifically.

Garena is not just a server distributor but also a publisher of free games. It is located in Singapore and provides servers for games in different regions, but mainly across Southeast and East Asia. Previously they supported many games, but now developers of those games have opened their own servers and so Garena is not that big anymore. Still, there are some big titles that we mention below.

Garena Games List

As we have already mentioned there were more titles that you might still associate with Garena, we will show you the current list of games:

  • League of Legends (Indonesia only) – PC
  • Heroes of Newerth – PC
  • Contra: Return – Mobile
  • Fantasy Town – Mobile
  • FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! – Mobile
  • Call of Duty Mobile – Mobile
  • Arena of Valor – Mobile
  • Free Fire – Mobile
  • Speed Drifters – Mobile

You can see this list of games on the official Garena website. Still, it is worth mentioning other games that used to be supported by Garena. Some of them stopped cooperating with Garena not so long ago. Some of these games are Path of Exile, Black Shot, Heroes of Newerth, FIFA Online 4, Blade & Soul, and others.

Garena eSports

One of the most remarkable things is that Garena provides a place for realisation for esportsman in the supported regions. That’s a pity for many gamers that they cannot play like a pro due to the region limits. But Garena has its own local tournaments where players can show off their skills.

Professional or amateur, we build stages for gamers to pursue their passion for competitive gaming


You can check out all their streams and tourneys via the link.

In addition, Garena has its own shop and currency system called Garena shells. We will tell you more about this system in our next post.

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