What is Princess Connect! Re: Dive Bonus Shop

Princess Connect game can look simple but there are many details that can confuse a new player. You will see series of guides that we write to make you more familiar with the game. Here you will learn more about Princess Connect! Re: Dive Bonus Shop. Previously we wrote about Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Global) Rerolling Guide which you can also find interesting.

There are seven different shops in the Princess Connect Re Dive game:

Each of them sells different things and we will stop at every shop to tell you more details. In this post, we will write about Bonus shop only. And via the links above you can read the description of every Princess Connect game shop.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Bonus Shop Description

A player unlocks Princess Connect Re Dive bonus shop after completing Main Story Quest 4-13. There you can exchange your mana for EXP potions and parts of equipment. But the equipment is random and might or might not be present in your used or unlocked characters. The Bonus Shop can only appear to a player 5 times per day and each instance will only remain available to players for 10 minutes.

Princess Connect! Re Dive Bonus Shop Description

As we have already mentioned you will need Mana to buy items from Priconne bonus shop. There are various ways to get mana in the game. The most part of it you’ll get via Grotto Mana Quests and daily Dungeon attempts. The other great part of mana can be obtained through Daily Missions. Additional Mana can be purchased using Jewels in the Mana Exchange, which will also provide players with Skip Tickets and some Divine Amulets. Remember that Mana is used in other game mechanics and can be a very useful currency.

The equipment pieces that can appear in the Bonus Shop may be of any rarity. This can include Gold-tier equipment that can be difficult to farm effectively. Also, the bonus shop renews all the time and you will see a lot of new items with every update. It is highly recommended to buy out all from the bonus shop if you can.

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