What is Princess Connect! Re: Dive Princess Arena Shop

Princess Connect game can look simple but there are many details that can confuse a new player. You will see series of guides that we write to make you more familiar with the game. Here you will learn more about Princess Connect! Re: Dive Princess Arena Shop. Previously we wrote about Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Global) Rerolling Guide which you can also find interesting.

There are seven different shops in the Princess Connect Re Dive game:

Each of them sells different things and we will stop at every shop to tell you more details. In this post, we will write about Princess Arena shop only. And via the links above you can read the description of every Princess Connect game shop.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Princess Arena Shop Description

Every player who reached Princess Battle Arena (Story Mode Mission 8-15) will get access to Princess Arena Shop. There you will find many different Character Memory Shards and Equipment Pieces that you can purchase for Princess Arena Coins. Similar to Battle Arena coins you will get Princess Arena Coins for maintaining a certain Rank in the Princess Arena game mode.

Princess Connect! Re Dive Princess Arena Shop

There is also a similar coin generation rate, Coins/Hour and range from 0 Coins (e.g. Unranked) to 50 Coins (Highest Ranks). You get Princess Arena coins every several minutes and the number of them can change if you drop or raise in Princess Arena game moded rating.

Players will also receive 10 Princess Arena Coins upon a successful defence against an opponent in Princess Arena. A maximum of 50 Princess Arena Coins can be earned per day in this manner.

A player needs to maintain a coin generation rate of 34 Coins / Hour in order to purchase one pack of Character Memory Shards (5 Shards) per day.

Among all available purchases we recommend focusing on the following:

  • Anna
  • Hatsune
  • Kaori
  • Miyako
  • Suzuna

As for the first Princess Arena Coins investment you can consider recruiting Miyako, Anna and/or Hatsune. If your clan insists you can also recruit or ascend Kaori and Suzuna.

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