What is TFT Coaching?

TFT is for Temafight Tactics a free board battling game created by Riot Games. You can find it in the League of Legends launcher when you create a game or you can play TFT separately on your mobile devices. The game is more like auto chess where much depends on luck, but you still cannot win without knowledge and a general understanding of the game. That’s why TFT coaching has become so popular. But what is it and is it worth trying? Let’s try to figure it out in this post.

TFT coaching in a nutshell

You might have already heard about TFT coaching from your friends or other players, but what that actually means. Usually, when you hear about TFT coaching people mean third-party companies that sell this service. You can find a lot of them on the Internet but all of them work pretty much the same. You register and hire a coach that works for this service. TFT coaching jobs are not easy and you will not find random players there even if you hire a regular coach. Usually, all players that work as TFT coaches have high TFT ranks and you can count on their opinion and experience.

When you hire a coach you will also need to decide how many hours you need to play with a coach. You will communicate with him via Skype, Discord (TFT coaching Discord users are preferred) or other platform services supported by the service where you hire a tft coach. You can expect that he’ll watch you play Teamfught Tactics and explain how to act in this or that situation. You will learn tips and tricks of winning in TFT and learn basic strategies that will help you improve your skills and get higher in TFT rankings.

If you want to join TFT coaching and become a coach you should understand that high ranking and good teaching and communication skills are a must. You can start searching to join TFT coaching app or service when you reach at least Master rank in TFT of the current set, of course.

Such services will require you to pay for the number of hours that the coach spent on teaching you. So forget about TFT coaching free tools or apps as they will not have good or useful information, you will only waste your time. The only free option is to play and learn yourself. You can see a lot of useful information about TFT and Hyper Roll on our website and become better at League of Legends auto chess as well.

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