What is the League of Legends Fighting Game?

League of Legends Fighting Game is a so-called Riot Project L. It has been briefly announced back in 2019 and now we are going to share with you the details about it.

What is LoL Project L?

It is an upcoming fighting game developed by Riot games that takes place in the League of Legends universe. It is going to be a 2.5D fighting game similar to the likes of Street Fighter V. If you are confused about the meaning of the 2.5D game – it is a game made in 3D, but the scene is in 2D perspective. So what you can expect is a fighter with typical 2D view and combat but with much better graphics.

League of Legends fighting game early gameplay

As for the gameplay it is announced to be a 90-seconds fight with a timer. Also, each champion will have different abilities and players will need to learn combos that will count during the match.

By the way, about the characters that will appear in the League of Legends Fighting Game. In the announcement video from Riot Games, we have spotted four of the characters from LoL universe: Ahri, Darius, Katarina and Jinx. But we are absolutely sure that if Project L will become successful we can hopefully see all champions from League of Legends.

What is the League of Legends Fighting Game release date?

Project L or League of Legends fighting game is upcoming for sure and we might know more information after the release of Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. Which, by the way, doesn’t have a release date as well. But as far as we can guess Viego in LoL and the Rise of Sentinels event in League of Legends might be the last step before the Ruined King game releases.

Some gossip where spread that we can expect new announcments about the League of Legends fighting game at EVO 2021 this month! It will take place from 6th till 15th August and we will update the news if something goes up. Reminding you that the last time we’ve heard about Project L was at Evo 2019, the world’s biggest fighting game tournament.

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