What’s new in Smite? – February 1-7

Here you can read the latest news and upcoming features for SMITE.

#GoddessOfTheSaltSea Update Show:

  • The Goddess of the Salt Sea Update Show will be live on Wednesday at 3pm ET on our Twitch.tv/smitegame!
  • Make sure to tune in to check out everything there is to see and learn about SMITE’s latest Goddess!
  • Keep an eye out for the Closer Look blog coming out on Tuesday!!! 
  • Make sure to tune in to our Instagram story on Thursday for our Q&A throughout the day!
  • We’ll be answering your questions about the Update Show all day, so don’t miss it!

In Game Events:

  • To celebrate Black History Month, you can earn the Equality Avatar for free for getting your first win any day in February!
  • We extended the Season 8 celebration event of 2x Favor, Worshipers, and XP through Thursday, so make sure to get some extra games in to take advantage of the bonus rewards.
  • On Tuesday, you can celebrate Groundhog Day with the Groundhog Avatar for getting 2 FWOTD!
  • Friday through Sunday, you can earn 1 Cutesy Avatar Chest per day (for a total of 3 Chests over the weekend) for getting 3 FWOTD!
  • Hope you have tons of wins this week! 


  • The Pixel Chest sale will go away today (Monday)! Save 25% when you grab a few today.
  • Tuesday through Thursday, the Astral Chest will be 25% off.
  • Friday through Monday, grab a few Pandamonium Chests for 25% off.
  • Don’t forget to also check your deals in the store!


  • The For Fans by Fans contest for Season 8 is still going! Get your fan art submitted to be turned into merch that you’ll earn a commission on! 
  • Get the details about the program here from the For Fans by Fans website.
  • If you have Prime Gaming, make sure to claim Fiendish Rage Cu Chulainn for free! 
  • The Season Pass 2021 is available now!
  • Unlock Grand Magus Anubis skin + loading screen – the Limited reward for this season’s pass.
  • You’ll also unlock each God this season as they release, along with their Voice Pack, Wave and Clap Emotes, base + Limited Recolor skins, the new Tyrant Title, and 1,000 Gems!
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