When do Valorant missions reset?

Valorant as any other free to play game encourages its players to log in and play more. One of these tricks is missions. There are two types of missions in Valorant: daily missions and weekly missions. Today we will tell you when and how they reset.

Valorant Missions

Valorant Daily Missions

In the upper menu, you can see the stats and details of your missions. Each day you can complete 2 different tasks. Daily missions are marked with a little clock icon. To see your missions progress you can click on them from the main interface of the game. Also, you can press Esc to see daily mission progression during a match.

Valorant daily missions are random and can differ from other players tasks. After you complete a mission it disappears from the list. And you get experience points. Also, you can see the countdown when daily missions reset.

Valorant Weekly Missions

As for the weekly missions they work with a similar principle, but with some differences. First of all, there are three active weekly missions. Second of all, you will get more EXP for completing them. In addition, you will see the saved progress. That means that you can start the weekly mission but if by some reason you haven’t done them during the week, you will have a chance to complete them next week. But if you complete all weekly missions you will need to wait until the next reset to start new ones.

When do Valorant weekly mission reset?

The other difference between daily and weekly missions is that you won’t see the countdown and therefore many players are confused and wonder when Valorant weekly missions reset. The absence of countdown is explained by the saved progression we’ve mentioned above. So if you need to know when you will receive new weekly missions the answer is the following. Upon completing all Valorant weekly missions you will get new ones during the next reset, which occurs every Tuesday at approximate time:

  • 1:30 PM PDT
  • 1:30 PM EDT
  • 1:30 PM UTC
  • 1:30 PM BST
  • 1:30 PM CEST
  • 1:30 PM AEST

But keep in mind, that if you haven’t completed weekly missions they will remain with the same progress for the next week.

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